Winter 2020 Fashion Must-Haves

We are going to tell you what trendy things of winter are worth wearing before fashion changes.

Sheepskin coats

An ideal purchase in the conditions of our climate, when most of the winter the weather does not drop below minus 15. The trend is represented by the models from the 1970s made of patent leather, with hyper-volume, and, of course, with fur. However, there is an important clarification: only fake fur.

Oversize coats

This ageless classic in the form of a double-breasted coat is always relevant in any season. This winter, designers continue to pay tribute to the 1980s, bringing models with a hypertrophied shoulder line and an oversize silhouette to the catwalks. The most sophisticated ladies will find joy in the form of snow-white coats presented at the Max Mara show. Winter will be cozy.

Faux fur coats

Paco Rabanne, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Gucci… The list of designers who have made fur coats the highlight of the program can be continued endlessly. Short and maxi lengths, fitted and oversize, pastel shades or bright colors – all but one are allowed this winter. The use of natural fur is a taboo. Choose the ones marked faux fur.


If you thought that the turtlenecks lying in the far corner of the closet have served their time and you should get rid of them, do not jump to hasty conclusions. No autumn-winter season can be complete without a turtleneck, but this year, thanks to the efforts of designers, they have become a real must-have. Mix a turtleneck with a light linen-style dress or combine it with a skirt with an animal print, and you will not freeze this winter (in addition, you will look most stylish).

Flower dress

Flowers are traditionally ranked as spring-summer trends, but there are exceptions to any rule. The time for them has come! Therefore, we boldly put on a maxi-length dress with flowers (preferably larger ones) and replace winter spleen with bright colors.


A pantsuit tailored in the best traditions of male tailoring is the basis of the wardrobe of any girl working in the office. A fitted silhouette will help to emphasize femininity, but it is better to visually increase shoulders – just like they did in the 1980s. Power dressing has not been rejected yet.

Fluffy dress

Playing with volumes is the trump card in the hands of designers, when all ideas are reduced to zero. This winter, the main rule applies: the larger the outfit, the better.


The favorite trick of any fashionable woman that was forgotten in recent seasons, that is making the emphasis on the waist, is back again. Choose wide belts with a massive buckle and combine them with men’s jackets, light dresses or leather total looks. Believe it, no one will take their eyes off your wasp waist.

Colored tights

This is the indisputable trend that has migrated to us from the spring-summer 2019 season. Pink, blue, red, dark blue… Though colored tights used to be considered the apogee of bad taste, they have become an indicator of perfect taste today. The main thing is not to make the look too multi-colored.

High boots

The best investment in your wardrobe is high boots. Forget your favorite sneakers: leave them aside, even if they are insulated with fur. From high patent leather Hessian boots to Wellington boots – choose what you like and welcome the winter in full armor.

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