Your First Sex with Your Ideal Man

First SexThe meeting, the flirting, the courtship, the dating – this is the typical scheme of a relationship. Time passes, you get to know each other better, grow fonder of each other. Every step in your relationship gets you closer to one of the most exciting moments of any relationship, the sacred moment between a man and a woman – the first sexual intercourse. Both of you had sexual partners before. Sex with some was wonderful, with others – satisfactory. But at the moment you are in love with him, with the only man in your eyes, and want your first night to be perfect. Such wish is probably the major mistake most women make.

Does Ideal Sex Exist?

The first sex can be perfect only in movies, in reality, however, it is a rather rare thing, more like a conformance exception. No need to be disappointed here – your partner is not perfect, he is a human after all, just like you. Two people need time to reach that level of trust, achieved only during sexual intercourses. Let us analyze and prevent the most common first night mistakes.

Do Not Be Afraid of Disappointments

The first night may turn out to be far from the one you pictured in your dreams. Often enough those dreams even turn into obsessions. Ladies are willing to torture themselves on training equipments, have anti-cellulite massages, ensure there is not a single unwanted hair on their bodies, right before the “occasion”. Surely, taking those actions is a good and right thing to do, yet, the ability to relax in bed with the loved is more important. Think about it, he probably has already evaluated your looks and it is unlikely he will examine every fold of fat or hunt for pimples when you are about to do it.

The First Sex Ideal in the Eyes of a Man

One particular fallacy is popular among male: the more poses are used during the intercourse, the more inventive he is – the more pleasure his partner will receive. In reality, however, his efforts to impress her with his superman “techniques” often enough result in the sex turning into some acrobatic torture. It is important not to be shy and try to bear it; if you are not excited about yet another of your partner’s “inventions”, let him know about it (but remember to do it gently).

First Night’s Sexual Fiasco

The worst thing that can happen to a man spending his first night with the beloved one is a sexual fiasco. The details of the situation may vary. He may be so nervous about the occasion, that erection can not come, or the opposite can happen – he’ll be done within a seconds. Both of the cases are typical results of overly high excitement or nervousness. If something like this happens you need to be as soft and compassionate as you can. For most women this turn of the events by no means is a universal catastrophe, as males often think. Very few, however, know how to explain this to the partner, how to set him at ease. If the fiasco occurs, it is best to stay in bed together for a while, caress each other, but better not to touch the genitals, better to avoid the sex theme. Let him realize that you are willing to wait, that there is no need for immediate sex heroism, and finally that you like him the way he is.

Remember, sex – is a mutual pleasure, not a sport, not a competition, and not a race for some records.

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