Erection Problems in Young Men

And how the woman can help her partner

Sexual activity of humans is one of the basic instincts. This is why problems with sexual potency, which are also defined as erectile dysfunction, can lead to anxiety, lowered self-esteem and in some cases even to suicide. Although it affects every adult man at least once during his lifetime, every one considers it as the beginning of the end. Many women don’t know what to do when their sexual partner fails to achieve an erection. This article is about the reasons why a man can develop problems with erection, how you can help him and what you should do in this situation.


Two Kinds of Sexual Impotence

erectile dysfunction can be caused by psychological problems and physiological ones. About 10 percent of all cases of sexual impotence are due to purely psychological reasons. The rest are very likely to suffer from physiological dysfunctions. There are many reasons why men can be unable to achieve an erection.

Causes of Male Sexual Impotence

There are different factors influencing male sexual drive. Let’s see, what could lower male libido. This is, of course, not a full list, but look, how many things could affect male potency.

  • Depression,
  • Tiredness,
  • Alcohol abuse,
  • The therapeutic use of oestrogens,
  • Diabetes,
  • Smoking,
  • Side effects of drugs,
  • Problems with the blood supply,
  • Hormonal disorders.

What to Do, if He Fails to Achieve Erection

Sex requires complete relaxation and concentration. Don’t perform it in haste or tension. Take your time. Set a romantic mood. If you or your sexual partner is stressed, it may occur, that you will get no satisfaction. Here is what you can or should do, if he has failed to achieve an orgasm or an erection.

  • Don’t panic. Don’t take offence. Don’t feel embarrassed and don’t blame yourself, his lack of erection is not because you don’t turn him on anymore!
  • Don’t let him panic. Support him instead – this is the most important thing he needs at this moment.
  • Let him know, you don’t consider him sexually impotent, he needs no pills, he is your most wanted man, a real man.
  • Tell him you love him, kiss him, hug him.
  • Massage him gently.
  • Give him some oral action.
  • Or just say with a gentle smile and hugging him: “Oh, that’s no problem. Let’s try again!”
  • You may also ask him to satisfy you with his fingers or orally. It should turn him on. This may in the end lead to sex again.
  • Never remind him of his failure, even if you are quarreling. Never laugh at it. Never tell anybody.

If your sexual partner is facing a serious problem with erectile dysfunction, he would need to speak to a doctor to determine the cause of the erectile problem. Don’t put it off.

While some men can’t get erection due to some woman’s actions, some even have the problem of hiding erection in public in special pants designed for it.

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