What Causes Low Libido in Men

Ever experienced a decreased desire? Having troubles that affect your intimacy with your partner? Libido is typically affected by many factors; it can reach high and low levels. The term “libido” refers to sexual desire or drive for sexual activity. Low libido is a common condition among men, and it is normal to experience a declined sex drive from time to time. Yet, if this condition continues for too long, it will probably prove to be pathological. It is pretty much treatable once the causes are identified, and here are some of the most common causes of low libido in men.

Low Testosterone

Having low levels of testosterone- an important male hormone responsible for sperm production and bone mass as well as muscle building- is a primal reason for low libido. It has a direct relation with libido as the decrease of testosterone causes the decrease of libido. While decreasing testosterone is a normal thing to deal with as you get older, a dramatic drop in it is a valid reason to pay a visit to the doctor.

Low Self-esteem

It’s true; having low self-confidence or seeing yourself as undesirable by your partner can frustrate you and physically affect your libido. It can pose a source of anxiety toward your performance during sex. If you are excessively dealing with low self-esteem and feeling unworthy, this guide here provides numerous helpful pieces of advice that can positively impact your intimacy and make you regain your confidence. Thus, you’ll experience fewer instances of low libido.


One of the most side effects of medications is low libido as taking certain medications can lower your testosterone levels. Particular antidepressants, prostate cancer treatments, and corticosteroids come as examples of medications that can cause low testosterone, hence, leading to low libido. Informing your doctor with such side effects as soon as possible is beneficial for you to have better alternatives.

Negative Lifestyle Choices

Drinking too much alcohol, using drugs, and/or smoking are evident examples of negative lifestyle choices that drastically impact your health. For instance, smoking is bad for sperm production and movement, and drug use as well as alcohol drinking can result in diminished or lack of sexual desire.

Chronic Illness

Not only can chronic illnesses do a number on your body, but they will also cause low libido. The chronic pain and fatigue you experience with a serious illness such as type II diabetes, chronic kidney failure, and high cholesterol will heavily affect your sex drive and, of course, reduce your sperm production.

Although low libido can lead to tension and pressure in a relationship, where guilt and doubt arise in both partners, it can often be treated if the fundamental source is specified. Low libido is sometimes attributed to one cause, but it is more than often associated with multiple causes that each contribute in their particular way. Some of the more common causes are low testosterone, medications, negative lifestyle choices, and chronic illness. Treatment of low libido can vary — from hormone replacement, psychotherapy, or drug adjustment therapy. In the end, it is better to get it checked out as soon as possible to guarantee a speedy recovery.

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