How to Prevent Stress Wrinkles

And ways we get them

As you know, stress (especially chronic stress) does not have the best effect on the body and on the skin. Many people notice more wrinkles after a hard day or a stressful week. Where do they come from and how to deal with them?

How do stressful wrinkles look like?

It’s clear that it’s difficult to follow when this or that wrinkle appeared on the face, but dermatologists have long seen the connection between the lifestyle, diet, and the “behavior” of wrinkles. It is believed that the people who are constantly experiencing stress can get wrinkles on their forehead and nose ahead of time. Could it be due to the fact that these people are constantly frowning?

Why stress accelerates the aging process

The point is in telomeres, that is the endings of chromosomes (they make up the nucleus of cells), which shorten with age and during certain events, for example, during certain diseases (mainly immune and cardiac ones). Telomeres die faster, chromosomes are more likely to collapse, which means that cells die too, not having time to divide and recover.

Of course, stress also refers to factors that influence the slowdown of the renewal process. More precisely, the cortisol hormone is to blame – its subversive activity shortens telomeres and prevents the cells from rebooting. It has been proven: in people with chronic depression, anxiety or constant pressure at work, telomeres are very tiny. These findings can be found in the work of Rita Efros, an immunologist at the University of California, who devoted her work to aging immune cells.

How to deal with stress wrinkles

It is clear that sooner or later we all will grow old. Another thing is absolutely clear: the modern rhythm of life leaves us practically no chance to avoid worrying. If you do not completely remove all the factors that influence the appearance of wrinkles (and this is impossible, even if it is based on our nature), the goal is to reduce them. Of course, it’s easy to say “stop worrying and smile more often”. But what if everything around is not as joyful as it seems? Or obsessive thoughts won’t get out of your head?

There is nothing shameful in contacting a psychologist – working out your problems with a professional will help tackle the problematic situation. Doing sports or meditation (the beautiful lady in the picture on the left will tell you what and how to do) are also good ways to get distracted for a while. By the way, keeping a diary is also a good way to give at least part of your emotions to the environment. Of course, no therapy will work without proper sleep. Start devoting enough hours to this important occupation.

As for care, dermatologists primarily focus on cosmetic procedures (chemical peels, laser) and collagen products – it just stimulates cell renewal. Do not forget about moisturizing the skin and sunscreens. There is no point in using creams of heavy consistency and SPF 50, if you do not live on the beach. For an urban concrete jungle, SPF 10 or 15 is going to be sufficient.

Serums with vitamin C and retinol can also be applied. If they fail to remove wrinkles, they can at least reduce them. However, be careful with concentration and carefully monitor the reaction of your skin: at first, it is better to use such products no more than 1-2 times a week to avoid irritation. Retinol is advisable not to combine with active walks in the open sun.

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