How to Look Elegant? Most Important Fashion Rules

Today we will talk about the most important principles for choosing a wardrobe. We have collected the most important principles of beauty and elegance.

Dressing should be stylish rather than fashionable

New trends appear every season, and keeping up with fashion is very difficult. It seems that you have hardly managed to understand and accept bum bags, but the stylists already advise you not to buy them! We suggest solving this problem in a simple way: we dress stylishly rather than fashionably. We should be looking for our own tricks and paying attention to trends only if they are to our liking.

We are selecting clothes to match the eyes and hair

The advice seems very simple, but girls often ignore it. You can also add skin tone to the color of eyes and hair. So if you are perplexedly choosing between a pink and blue dress, set emotions aside and analyze which color is more beneficial to emphasize your new hair coloring or deep blue eyes.

Do not visit popular stores

Looking fashionable is good, but dressing like everyone else is bad. And the margin between these two concepts is very narrow. Stylists advise looking for your own style:

Consumer goods always look worse than the things that have at least some kind of exclusive nature. This does not mean that everyone should line up at a boutique in Paris. Nevertheless, you need to find some solution and find your own self. Being elegant means adding a bow tie, a tie, a belt, a handkerchief. Think about how to raise your self-esteem rather than compromise it.

Ask for help

You should not be choosing a wardrobe yourself if it is better to turn to a professional for help.

No need to figure out how much you will have to pay the stylist: recently, fashion blogs have been especially popular, so everyone can find tips for themselves. Well, keep reading our recommendations!

Do not focus on television

We do not recommend copying the style of people from TV screens. How presenters dress is not a directive for people who are outside the studio. Here we have TV images for a special bright, colorful and special studio. In ordinary life, we don’t wear this on a plane or in a taxi or at work.

But it’s still worth training your watchfulness: social networks and hosting with Pinterest pictures will help you.

Ignore grunge

The grunge style of fashion that is popular today is not for everyone. It includes ripped jeans without socks. Chaos and destruction are also a kind of aesthetics, but not something to be guided by. Choose elegance and femininity – and you will not lose.

Wear brooches

These accessories have triumphantly returned to the trends this year – on the catwalks of Fashion Weeks, we have seen brooches with natural stones, rhinestones, felt, ceramics, fresh flowers and jewelry metals. Brooch collections were re-released by Van Cleef, BVLGARI and Chanel, which means that the accessory definitely does not need to be ignored.

And you can even wear several pieces at a time. The main thing you need to understand is that we want to create symmetry or asymmetry. Plus, remember: if a thing is sporty enough, a brooch may prove extra, and you can do without it. But, of course, it can embellish any dress.

Watching your shoes

If a woman has great footwear, this means she is also well dressed. As always, the famous Chanel brand is right. It’s not necessary to buy a new pair of the most fashionable and expensive shoes and to suffer all day wearing stiletto shoes. The main thing is neatness: do not forget to wash off the dust from white sneakers in time, polish your boots with cream and watch for the heels.

Remember about naturalness

Popular eyelash extensions and augmented lips can already be considered a relic of the past. Such radical methods should not be used to emphasize your beauty. Naturalness is fashionable. So the good news is: sometimes you can sleep 10 minutes longer in the morning by sacrificing perfect eyelines! Having mascara is enough.

We are trying to be moderate

The last but not the least tip is to show your legs and hide the top (and vice versa). Everything is very simple: if you have a deep neckline – you need to hide the legs. Wearing a mini? Mind to have no neckline. This will make you appear more appropriate and will not attract attention to your excessive sexuality.