How to Treat Low Libido in Men?

What we would like to believe – and often do – is that men are always ready and willing, for their libido is always working in top gear. Sadly, this is not the case. According to statistics, every fifth man suffers from poor sex drive. Are you a lucky woman, or do you often hear the disappointing “Not tonight, honey”?

On the one hand, low libido can’t be set right so easily due to a multitude of reasons behind it; on the other hand, there are ways to address the issue. First of all, the reasons that caused the condition must be investigated. These can be grouped under three categories: purely biological problems, emotional reasons and poor performance caused by a problematic relationship.

What Causes Low Sex Drive?

Naturally, advanced years tend to bring sex drive down in men, but it’s not a hard-and-fast rule! There are a lot of mature men around who maintain a healthy interest in sex. With sex drive there are no norms, just like with other traits – many stay within an average range, other can be to all intents and purposes addicted to sex and can’t get enough of it. And, finally, there are those who have difficulties getting excited and, consequently, are not very active sexually. Medically speaking, they have HSDD, or hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

So, about 25% of males are closely acquainted with the conditions.

Again, the salient point is what brought it on?

Psychological reasons

A man riddled with ceaseless worries about his job, money, relationships and children issues gets too anxious, loses his self-esteem, which is bound to affect his libido adversely. In such case the remedy can be obvious – discuss the worries with the partner, get support and make alterations in the current routines.

Medical reasons

HSDD may be the result of diabetes, overweight, abnormally high blood pressure, too much cholesterol in the body. Besides, there are medications which can also diminish desire, like HIV drugs or certain hair loss preventing stuff.

Hormonal reasons

The level of sexual desire is in direct conformity with the level of testosterone, the desire hormone for men and probably for women as well. As the testosterone level drops, desire begins to weaken. Besides, chronic diseases, the intake of some medications, drug abuse can lower the level. The functions of other hormones like low thyroid or too much prolactin, a hormone generated by a gland near the brain, can be involved.

Being too low on dopamine

Sexual drive is linked with the brain and, in its turn, depends on the brain’s system of sending chemical messages. Dopamine is the substance that plays a significant part in the messaging, it is the brain’s neurotransmitter which gives meaning and importance to things and calls to the brain for rewards when they are due.

Low Libido Treatment

Treatment for low sexual drive varies depending on its cause. When dealing with a psychologically-caused situation, applicable are techniques of sex therapy and other suchlike methods aimed at revivification of enjoyment from sex.

When a low testosterone level is at fault, and it can be easily proved by measurements, the best bet is to opt for testosterone therapy. Of those who choose to undergo it, the majority apply gel formulations or skin patches on the chest, shoulders or stomach while every fourth man takes testosterone shots once a week.

As a man with HSDD is considering ways and means to go back to normal sexual life he shouldn’t take it as a process of teaching a eunuch to become an insatiable sex machine. The idea is to re-enter the state of pleasurable intimacy with his partner which is one of the basic notions of a healthy lifestyle for every person.

The opinion that all men are able – and eager – to provide incredibly hot sex at the drop of a hat is far from tenable. Yet in practically each individual case the loss of sex drive can be traced back to its origins and dealt with accordingly. Professional help and advice will never come amiss. If it doesn’t have anything to do with chronic diseases or other serious medical conditions, sessions of sex therapy or psychological training undertaken by the man alone or together with his partner can bring the couple back to the desirable emotional and physical bond that denotes a fulfilling and successful relationship.

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