9 Awesome Things Your Smartphone Can Do

The time when your phone had but limited functionality is long gone. These days we have no handier device than our smartphone, which does so much to make our life easier and supply necessary information in record time. With an awesome amount of things they can do for us, can you be sure that you know everything they are capable of? Chances are, no. Run your eye over some functions to ensure whether some things you need done can be managed from your smartphone, too.

Get your morning coffee ready without moving from your bed

With the assistance from Qualcomm’s AllJoyn platform, you can handle all your home electronic gadgets no matter who their manufacturer is. With any kind of coffee machine, you can brew yourself a nice first cuppa straight from your bed.

Control the lights in the house

Your smartphone can work as a dimmer connecting with Cree’s Connected LED Lightbulb without installation. Also, it’s possible to set the time you want the lights to be on from outside the room.

Control the car remotely

Using the Viper SmartKey you can operate your car without handing your car keys – lock and unlock it, silence the alarm right from your pocket.

Project a map on your car windscreen

With Hudway installed, you will have no problems driving along unfamiliar roads in poor weather conditions. Just place your smartphone on the dashboard and get directions from the projection of a GPS-based map on the windshield.

Tell you the reason for your check light being on

When the car starts acting up and the check engine light on the dashboard gives you a signal, the first question that crosses your mind is: just how serious is it? You can ask your car if you plug Automatic Pro into the ODB-II port under the wheel and get the mechanical data that will let you decide how to go about it. Additionally, it can help you locate your car in the parking lot.

Acceptance of credit card payments on the go

Say goodbye to the static way of transaction with Square Register, an app which doesn’t mind where you are to enable you to accept all credit card payments. The buyer does the authorizing via the smartphone and protects himself from a possible fraud.

Pay and deposit with your mobile billing casino

If you have your fun with an online gaming site, such as a phone casino, all your favorite games will be charged to your smartphone bill directly without addressing your e-wallet or your cards. There will be a detailed info message with your transaction on the screen that you can read and accept to send money with no extra charges.

Keep tabs on your heart

Why purchase a Fitbit when you can download the app called Instant Heart Rate that provides you with detailed information about how your heart is functioning after you have pressed a tip of your finger onto the camera lens for several seconds.

Send your doctor health information remotely

This and other health information can be sent to your doctor without delay, which is very useful for those suffering from chronic or acute diseases.

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