Woman’s Earnings Affect Man’s Erection

Some men just can't accept a woman earning more than him

The higher the wife’s earnings are in comparison with the husband’s income, the more problems with erection he has.


Women Earn More and More

In recent years, the number of the wives, who earn more than their husbands, has increased dramatically. The demand for erectile dysfunction drugs demonstrates almost the same proportion. The scientists from Denmark find these facts to be related. When it’s all about the earnings, men perceive the superiority of their woman as something painful, and male libido is highly dependent on the mental attitude.

Woman’s High Earning Make Men Opt for Viagra

The study showed that in the families where husbands earned less than wives, Viagra and similar drugs stimulating erection were much more likely to be used. In total, the study involved more than 200,000 couples, so the results can be called well-grounded.

What Is Masculinity

The Danish experts believe that the reduction of “masculine firmness” is most likely caused by the loss of self-esteem, anger and despair because of the family’s current economic situation. Moreover, the increased demand for Viagra was observed even in those families where the wife earned only slightly more than the husband. Even a small difference in income would contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction in men, who were not internally prepared to let the woman be the family’s money-maker and breadwinner.

Erectyle Dysfunction Stats

After the age of 40 years, 39% of men suffer from erectyle dysfunction and after the age of 50 the amount of the men having difficulties with erection increases to 69%! However, not everything is that bad. In most cases, treatment of impotence is a problem one can cope with.

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