Makeup Tricks from Plus-Size Models: How to Look Slimmer?

Plus-size models know better than other stars how to emphasize or, conversely, hide the features of their faces in order to look even brighter in the spotlights. Below you can find the tips that plus-size models can give.

Highlight cheekbones

All plus-size models emphasize the cheekbones with a contour palette. For example, Ashley Graham chooses a radiant powder or bronzer. Moreover, she applies the product not only to the cheekbones, but also to the chin and hair growth zone – this visually makes the forehead smaller and “removes” the double chin.

Add shine

Plus-size girls do not always apply tons of cosmetics, resort to complex designs and practice what they learned at drawing lessons. Photos of the British model Sparks Lawrence prove that a little more radiance above the lips, under the eyebrows, in the corners of the eyes and on the cheekbones can be a good solution.

Beauties with mouth-watering shapes choose eyeshadows with a wet effect. It is believed that this can visually smoothen chubby cheeks. Attention: this does not mean that the whole face should change its color. On the contrary, to complete the makeup it is advisable to apply matting powder (do not worry, it does not level the effect of highlighters, it only blocks the appearance of oily sheen).

Draw lines

Let’s face it, looking these girls in the eye: no makeup will actually reduce your weight, but you can switch the attention of others from your forms to the eyes. That is why the wide eye lines of American Tess Holliday, often supplemented by false eyelashes and glitter, are her main weapon against the evil tongues. In addition, having succeeded in beauty geometry, you will support the main message of voluminous beauties: strength is not in external beauty, but in the development of your talents, charm and self-improvement.

Not afraid to use tanning

Dark colors visually make you thinner, whereas light ones add weight. This rule also works in makeup and applies mainly to tanning. If you do not want to expose your face to dangerous sun rays, take a tan or bronzer. After watching the stars that go too far with tanning, we are afraid to use a tool that can give the skin a darker shade.

Nevertheless, if you are no coward and ready to take a chance, follow the example of Barbie Ferreira – the American model and performer of one of the roles in the TV series “Euphoria”. The main thing is not to forget to apply a shade on your hand before applying the product on your face. Start shading immediately after applying it.

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