Nothing to Wear: 7 Tips for Looking Stylish


We can tell you how to get rid of the eternal problem when you don’t like anything in your own wardrobe that is filled to the bursting point.

Buy universal things

One right dress with a wrap over cut that suits you will not be unnecessary, even if you definitely won’t wear it every week. For a sudden special occasion, you will always have something to wear. If you do not like the dress, choose a jumpsuit or a pantsuit. The main thing is a ready-made image that is suitable for any occasion.

Create your basic collection

Trends are good, but only if you already have the perfect base. The basis of the wardrobe should be universal things that are perfect for your figure type, character or lifestyle.

Invest only in quality things

As a rule, cheap clothes do not last long and can fail at the most important moment. It is better to buy less clothing, but to choose clothes that are more expensive and will last for many years. Expensive basic things can also be found at sales.

Hang only washed and ironed clothes in the closet

This seems to be a very simple rule, but sometimes we are so lazy or we just forget and automatically put the recently washed wrinkled thing in the closet. If you are used to hanging or neatly folding only ready-to-go clothes, it will take much less time to get ready in the morning.

Throw away old things in time

The contents of the wardrobe should be regularly sorted out. Get rid of the things that you have not worn for a long time without mercy. You can take out of order things for recycling. Clothes that are in good condition, which you just don’t like anymore, can be moved to distant shelves. Fashion is cyclical, so they might come in handy again.

Compose multiple images in advance

Sometimes you need to take a little time to be inspired by your favorite bloggers and compose your favorite images from what is in your wardrobe. The outfit can be photographed and placed in a special folder on the phone to remind you of these images when necessary.