5 Reasons you Should Consider Aluminium Windows and Doors

Aluminium windows and doors are used for anything from skyscrapers to basement windows. Although aluminium is a favourite of builders today, it was rarely used in the past because of a major design flaw: heat and cold penetrated in and out too easily.

But over time, aluminium became a top choice for building and renovation works as people began to opt for more sustainable alternatives to other materials.

Here are 5 reasons you’ll find aluminium a great choice for your home’s doors and windows.

Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Aluminium not only helps you lower building or reconstruction costs, but it is also eco-friendly.

An estimated 75% of the aluminium produced since it was first used as a construction material is still in use today and is continuously recycled.

Recycling reduces manufacturing costs and restricts toxins released to our atmosphere during production.

Recycled aluminium processing needs only 5% of the energy required to manufacture bauxite aluminium. With recycled aluminium on your doors and windows, you save time and initial investment costs.

Easy to Maintain

Aluminium has low maintenance and is durable (20 to 50 years lifespan). It means you get one of the best materials on the market and enjoy low housekeeping costs.

Aluminium products are weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant and UV-immune, preventing item deterioration over time.

Mother Nature may throw herself at aluminium windows and doors through freezing cold temperatures, heat strokes, strong winds, and other weather issues, to no avail. Aluminium doors and windows need not be replaced or fixed like other materials.

However, continuous inspection and repair are important to ensure the material does not deteriorate or break.

Tough material

First used over a century ago in home construction and decoration, aluminium is one of the toughest construction materials on the market, and therefore suitable for various applications.

Its lightweight material makes aluminium perfect construction projects where it is important to ensure load reduction on bearings such as skyscrapers and other large buildings.

However, mixing strength and lightness also means a higher demand for aluminium windows and doors. Other materials such as wood add extra weight and increase your building load. The strength and durability of aluminium windows and doors also provide a sleek, clean profile.

Improves Quality of Life

The aluminium door or window is common in school buildings, blocking external noise. They also keep your home free of harmful pollutants that could endanger your safety. Aluminium corrosion resistance prevents water from entering walls around the opening. Consequently, the windows do not need additional mould treatment or attention to frame weakening.
The joints do not expand or contract depending on the temperature, so the window does not move.

Reveals Your Home’s Design Capabilities

We all want a beautiful house with a large bay window that provides plenty of natural light, the beautiful front entrance that will be the envy of all our friends or the colours that match and complement our house’s style. Other materials can do that, but aluminium is ideal for larger, tailor-made designs. The intrinsic strength combined with material durability makes managing designs easy during manufacturing. They do not bend or snap under wall-to-wall glass, or ceiling-to-floor windows. That’s why they are common in skyscrapers.

Aluminium can be coloured without affecting the material. It preserves its integrity and can come in all colours, even black and brown — two colours that are uncommon in windows and doors because they absorb heat and cause other materials to warp. Not so with aluminium.

The best option for all construction materials on the market is aluminium doors and windows. Auckland aluminium joinery via Window Factory can make your home beautiful and sustainable through the coming years.

Aluminium doors and windows will keep your home energy-efficient, saving you on heating and cooling bills. The material’s durability provides a safe, secure living environment in your home.

Finally, aluminium windows and doors open your design options so that you can build your house around large and attractive entranceways and large windows that will be the envy of all your friends.

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