Shoe Fashion: Anti-Trends for Summer 2020

We are trying to figure out which models are out of fashion and suggest how they can be replaced.

It’s not a secret for anyone that it depends on the right shoes how the image as a whole looks. A mismatching pair of shoes gives the image a shade of bad taste. It’s time to revise the shoe cabinet before the summer comes and prevent every single fashion fail during the open-leg season.

Round-toe ballet flats

Anti-trend number one is the notorious ballet flats, familiar to us from the noughties. Their era finally passed (a couple of seasons ago!). These shoes with a thin sole and unimpressive volume visually make the foot heavier and add a few extra pounds to their owner. These models look particularly ridiculous, being decorated with children’s bows. One more significant minus is that in such tight shoes it is impossible not to rub your feet during the first days after purchase.

An excellent alternative to ballet flats is flat shoes with a pointed toe. They have the opposite effect – visually slim the figure, lengthen the legs and make the foot elegant and narrow. Among them, you can find many beautiful models with lacing or ties.

Huge sneakers (so-called ugly sneakers)

The fashion for these giant monster sneakers came from Balenciaga and spread virally to other fashion brands. When looking at these massive, rough shoes, reminiscent of kettlebells, many people feel like crying, especially when young ladies wear them with a light dress or a business suit. We rejoice: stylists advise putting ugly sneakers away (or even handing them over for processing).

If you are a fan of street style, choose minimalistic sports models that will never go out of style.

Shoes and wedge sandals

In such shoes, the female figure looks shorter and bigger in size, especially in case of excess weight. One can only dream of a flying gait in them. In addition, these models are extremely hazardous – one can easily twist a foot and get a trauma.

Sandals or high-heeled shoes would be a great replacement for such heavyweight shoes. A nice bonus: thanks to their stability, your feet will be less tired.


These practical flat shoes can be worn always and everywhere, regardless of the outfit. Just like ballet shoes, they make the figure bulky and visually reduce the height. Initially, they were generally created for home wear and for men. Later, they imperceptibly migrated to the women’s wardrobe and began to be worn everywhere. It’s time to correct this omission: shoes with thin, almost imperceptible soles are already out of fashion.

The must-have of the season is patent-leather or suede brogues with a pointed toe (also available on an enlarged sole). They visually slim the figure and make calves and ankles thinner. An excellent replacement for slipons!

High-platform stiletto shoes

This is a clear anti-trend bordering on bad taste. These hoof shoes went out of fashion a few years ago, but some girls still feel sorry for throwing out the once-popular model. Feel free to get rid of vulgar and uncomfortable shoes. They can vulgarize even the most elegant image because they very much resemble the shoes of a woman with low social responsibility.

If you really want to add ten centimeters to your height and proudly stroll on your heels, rely on the golden classic: narrow boat shoes will come in handy.

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