How to Use Matte Lipstick after 40?

Matte lipstick, so popular in recent years, can create certain difficulties at any age, emphasizing peeling and unevenness. We figure out how to choose the right lipstick after 40 years, which is the age of the first noticeable wrinkles.

What lipstick should you choose after 40

We traditionally believe that age should not affect the choice of clothes and makeup, hair and skirt length, color of nails, and eyebrows. However, if we talk about the general rules of anti-aging makeup (in other words, the makeup that will not emphasize folds, wrinkles, blue circles under the eyes, etc.), then the trends are as follows: bright, flashy shades can emphasize everything unnecessary. We recommend giving preference to muted, matte shades. They will not highlight small irregularities around the lips.

How to take care of lips after 40

Before you apply matte lipsticks, prepare your lips by cleaning and moisturizing. To do this, use scrub 1-2 times a week. Many people think that the skin of the lips does not need exfoliation, but in reality it is not true: after scrubbing, the lips show their natural pigment.

Be sure to apply a moisturizing mask (or balm) after the scrub. This will help your skin get a good moisturizer. The mask, as a rule, does not need to be washed off; it is enough to soak the excess with a paper towel after 15-20 minutes.

How to properly apply lipstick for anti-aging makeup

It is best to use lipsticks with caring ingredients (for example, with vitamin E, castor oil, shea butter, coconut oil) – they will not only set the color, but also take care of the skin. The main rules for creating anti-aging makeup are as follows: do not emphasize the contour of the lips if you have a large number of wrinkles around your mouth. Do not focus on the problem area, thereby emphasizing your age.

Foundation will help add volume to thin lips. Apply a small amount to the middle of the upper and lower lips (after you apply makeup) and blend it. Instead of cream, you can use a drop of lip gloss.

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