Grace Kelly’s Beauty Secrets

Last week Grace Kelly would have turn 91. And though since she passed, it’s been almost four decades, her style and beauty remain iconic. How to become as elegant and amazing-looking as the Princess of Monaco?

Stylist and Makeup Artist in One

It’s hard to believe, but Grace Kelly’s gorgeous hairstyle wasn’t the result of a renowned stylist’s job. According to her biographer Gina McKinnon, she preferred styling her own hair, as well as applying her own makeup. Besides, she always had powder and a comb in her purse.

Kelly chose neutral shades. She used light brown eyeshadow under the brow line to accentuate the brows.

Skincare Tips

Like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, Kelly was Dr Erno Laszlo’s faithful client. The Erno Laszlo institute offered innovative and individual skincare products for celebrities.

The Princess of Monaco used products that are still available: the Phormula 3-96 creme, as well as Phelityl Cleansing Bar, that prevents dry skin. It contains nurturing oils and makes skin soft and moisturized.

But, to be completely honest, they say, Grace Kelly’s perfect skin was also due to her genes. Also, she didn’t smoke, drank a lot of water and used to do ballet in her younger years. She also spent a lot of time swimming to stay in good shape.


Long before it became a trend, Grace Kelly contoured her cheekbones using two different shades of blush. She preferred nude eye makeup, light blush and raspberry lipstick.

Grace Kelly’s Favorite Fragrance

Grace Kelly’s favorite fragrance Creed Fleurissimo was created for her wedding day by the family-owned fragrance house. It was commissioned specially by her fiance, Prince Rainier. It’s a floral scent containing bergamot, tuberose, Bulgarian Rose, violet, Florentine iris and ambergris.

Hand Skin Care

Moisturizing the hand skin had always been important to Kelly because she believed that as a woman ages, her hands reveal the age first. We share this view and could only add that applying hand skin cream with sunscreen worked even better.


She also practised yoga and snacked healthily: celery, carrots and dried apricots.

She paid special attention to her posture because she also was a dancer.

Body Positivity?

According to Kelly’s biographer, Wendy Leigh, Grace also had body parts she didn’t like, such as her jaw. To make it look smaller and less “squared”, during photoshoots, she turned her face to side a bit or even wore a high collar that would hide it.

Since she started modelling at 18, she knew for sure how to show herself in the best way.

When Grace’s hairstyle was ready, she covered it with a silk scarf, tied it and wore it until she’s at the event. This was Grace Kelly’s trick to make he hair remain perfectly styled at any occation.

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