Women’s Qualities Men Secretly Like

Not all men would confess it, but most of them like these simple qualities some women have. And it’s easy to have them, by the way.

Let the Man Help You

In the era of feminism, it’s tough to be a gentleman. Because women can handle just anything on their own nowadays. However, our men still enjoy being needed and helpful to his lady. This is a simple way to raise a person’s self-esteem. Even if he doesn’t reveal it, he will be thankful if you let him help you from time to time.

Touch His Hair

Not all women like their hair being touched, especially if they have spent a lot of time on hairstyling. As for guys, they love when you touch their hair. A light head massage is great too. Try to do it more often.

Listen to Him

When a man is talking, it’s not just talking. He’s sharing something he finds important, he shows trust. And the best reaction to this is pure attention. Listen to your man! It makes your partner feel you’re truly interested and care about him and things he finds really worth saying.

Take the initiative

Don’t wait till the guy makes the first step. Be it call, text or ask out. Act first! There are many shy guys and those who have had a bad experience and as a result, are afraid to be rejected. Keep it in mind. Even if your partner is not that timid, he’ll appreciate your initiative.

Demonstrate Affection

Take his hand, hug him, give a kiss on his cheek – and your man will love it! Showing love in public (in appropriate situations and places, of course) means you’re proud of being with him. It makes a guy more confident than wearing the most expensive suit.

Laugh at His Jokes

Most men like when women show their emotions, especially good ones. For it means you can be yourself near him. At the same time, they feel nice because they know how to lift up your mood. Thus, it’s easy: if a guy tells a joke, laugh. Even if you already know it.

Wear Red

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, men are especially attracted to women in red. They are perceived as more attractive. By the way, men wearing red look more likeable and even more intelligent to women.

Lean on Him

Men like playing heroes. When you’re scared, lean on him for protection. And since there are no mammoths and other wild threats around us anymore, let him defend you in other situations, such as watching a horror movie, for example. Men secretly like being strong and huge in contrast to a cute little and helpless woman.

Mirror Him

If he touches his hair, casually touch yours too. If he leans forward during a conversation, mirror him. This is how to demonstrate your interest. Anyways, if you two are attracted to each other, mirroring happens by itself.

Smile at Him

“You’ll feel so much better when you smile, so smile”, says one Gospel song. And there is something magical in a smile. Others also get a better mood if you smile, especially your partner. Because it’s a sign for a guy of how joyful you feel being around him.

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