Why Guys Don’t Text (Back): Excuses Women Believe

At the very beginning of each relationship, both are often unsure. Shall I text now or will I look needy? Shall I ask him out or wait till he does? And one of the most common questions women have is: why doesn’t he text back? And in our heads, we often find excuses for the man. But is it a good idea?

Here are the most common excuses why men don’t text (back). It’s up to you to decide if you’ll believe in them or not and if it’s worth waiting and is still acceptable or may already be a reason to break up and forget about the guy.

One more thing is important. We mean hear waiting for a really long time, such as a few days. Don’t start panicking if there’s no reply within several hours, because men have things to do, just as us all. But let’s look at the excuses for a longer break!

He’s too busy

Is he so busy that he can’t text a few words or record a voice message? Is he a surgeon in the middle of an operation? That would be one of the few excuses that would work. Even top managers have a few minutes to text.

If you’ve been waiting for a few days for a reply and there’s still nothing, either the guy is not interested in you as much as you are or something has happened to him and he’s at a hospital.

He’s too shy

Come on! Most men find themselves great, a man of all girls’ dreams. If he’s not 13 anymore, he will text you if he’s fallen for you. Moreover, lots of men do so even if you’d keep ignoring them and even asked to not bother you anymore.

But in any rule, there’s an exception. If he’s not sure you like him too, he might not dare to text or call. If so, now it’s your job to let him know you’d like to go out with him.

He has a tough period of his life

He might indeed have a black streak in life. But since when does it mean that he should not give a damn at all the ones who are dear to him? Well, does maybe you’re not on this list?

I know he loves me anyway

Really? If you like someone you want to spend time with them, you text, call and do things together. It means attraction. If a man doesn’t contact you, unfortunately, it means there’s no attraction anymore. And if he’s not interested in you, move on.

He needs some time

In particular situations, some men are over-cautious indeed. Such people need months to find the courage and move on to actions.

But the yes/no-decision is mostly made on the very first date. One knows if there’s chemistry between two people on the second date at the latest.


Summing up, what do we have? Ladies, stop making excuses for guys! And stop waiting for them to text! Take the initiative if you really like the guy. If it’s mutual, you’ll soon know it.

By the way, time is your most precious recourse. Are you sure it’s worth spending it on waiting till the guy is ready?

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