Is Henna Lip Stain a Good Alternative to Lipstick?

Bloggers have reconsidered their attitude towards henna for hair and began to color their lips with it. Their followers think this is a very dangerous choice.

Recently, Chicago blogger Briana Christianson has demonstrated on social networks how to use it: she applies henna hair dye to her lips. The result is a rich tint – a color that does not wash off for a couple of days. See how Briana does it:

However, experts are not very happy with the new beauty trend. Henna is a very powerful product, and stylists do not even advise using it often for hair: with frequent use, it makes the curls harder, dry and brittle and contributes to the loss of their natural shine. It is believed that henna can lead to severe hair loss in the long term.

Moreover, if you take the dye-based on henna rather than the natural henna, the effect will be even more unpredictable: the composition, as a rule, includes chemical substances. What can we say about the lips? Their skin is especially delicate, and such an aggressive agent is definitely not suitable for them and can leave a burn. But these pharmacy balms and patches are definitely recommended.

Fans of permanent makeup have been using henna for a long time. Eyebrow dyeing is no longer news, but there are those who use yellow-red pigment in order to get freckles (both at home and in salons). For many, dyes become a way to showcase their creativity.

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