How to Make Your Lips Bigger Naturally?

Nowadays, everyone seems to be obsessed with plump lips. Of course, in many cases they are very beautiful, but knowing the measure is very important here. Therefore, we do not encourage anyone to make injections into lips. But if you really want to augment your lips, do it with makeup or in natural ways, without fillers.

Kylie effect: how to make your lips look plump

In the 1990s, the idea of lip augmentation came to women for the first time. Julia Roberts’ charming and natural smile was one of the symbols of that era. The actress must have been lucky from birth, but her fans dreamed of such an effect – and how to make it permanent rather than temporary. At the beginning of the 2000s, bio-gel, a means for increasing the mouth, began to be popular in cosmetology.

Few people then knew about the dangers of the substance: it was distributed unevenly under the skin, it often created lumps and bumps, and, as it later turned out, was not completely excreted from the body. After an unpleasant experience with bio-gel, specialists began to offer fillers to customers, and more careful people paid attention to easy ways to make lips plump at home.

In 2015, Kylie Jenner was the most talked-about character on the Internet. The 18-year-old was the youngest sister of the infamous Kardashian family. And then, like in a fairy tale, the older sisters got fame, their man and money, whereas the youngest had only the consequences of her relatives’ popularity and, of course, ingenuity. Growing up in the shadow of the sisters and accustomed to solving problems with the help of plastic surgeries, she began her radical transformation. In 2015, Kylie changed her image dramatically: she picked up bright wigs, attached long eyelashes, and “pumped up” her lips.

Kylie briefly denied the fact of the cosmetic procedure – it was too hard to believe that her mouth had grown by itself, “with age.” Having finally reached the epicenter of everyone’s attention (and not because she knows Kim Kardashian herself), Jenner wisely took advantage of the situation and decided to teach girls how to apply makeup. Moreover, she offered her own beauty kit for this – a pencil and liquid lipstick. The girl did not conceal visiting the beautician, but she also insisted on correct makeup: it would allow (even without fillers) to create a spectacular image.

The star has shot many videos about her beauty, and most importantly, she has earned untold wealth from her Kylie Cosmetics brand. In 2018, she became the youngest billionaire in the world.

A funny fact: during this time, the celebrity has repeatedly changed the size of her lips, and two years ago she made another unexpected confession – she refused beauty injections and now stands for naturalness. However, judging by the latest pictures, Jenner still went back on her words.

What does Kylie say about lip makeup that will make the lips seem more voluminous? She gives several recommendations:

Before you apply makeup, you should “paint” the lips with a concealer – this technique will even out the surface and allow the lipstick color to become more saturated.

The contour should be outlined with a pencil. Moreover, due to the fact that the contour of real lips under the concealer is almost invisible, you can freely experiment with the size and actually draw new lines.

After the pencil, use lipstick, preferably matte chocolate or beige colors.

Jenner also adores the beefy lip effect – a trick from the 90s, which includes a dark brown lip line and a hot pink lipstick in the center. It sounds strange, but it visually enlarges everything that is needed. By the way, all the Kardashian sisters apply makeup this way.

How to make the lips plump with the help of makeup

There are other life hacks that can help make your lips look bigger. Any makeup artist will tell you to start with scrubbing. You will remove dead skin particles and clean the surface – at least let the lipstick look smoother and clearer. Well, scrubbing is, in fact, a massage. In other words, it is the stimulation of blood circulation, which means an increase in volume.

Another tip is to accentuate the upper arch of the lip with a highlighter. Highlight the skin around the lips, and this will visually make them plumper. The color scheme is also important: it is believed that light, pink, nude, and red shades visually enlarge the lips, while all dark ones are retroactive.

Of course, the importance of boosters and other products with a 3D effect cannot be denied (they usually include pepper, cardamom, even a small dose of bee venom): they last for a short period of time, but they are well suited as a base before applying lipstick… By the way, almost all the stars, whom nature has not deprived of big lips (Nicole Kidman and Megan Fox in particular), resort to similar makeup tricks.

Should I make my lips bigger with a pump?

Plumper, pump, enlarger… such a name was given to the plumper, which became famous in 2015 among those who wanted to look like a star without going to the beauty parlor.

There are many similar “devices” in online stores and on the pages of various bloggers; they represent plastic objects with a hole in which you need to put your lips, take deep breaths and exhale several times.

Whether it is worth using such devices to make your lips plump at home is up to you. But, unlike makeup, which can be worn all day, plumpers guarantee no more than 30 minutes of volume (even if the packaging assures you otherwise). Moreover, some plumpers do not work at all – it is a pity to waste time and money on them. And the use of such an object looks funny, if not silly.

More and more white girls are trying to copy Asian squints with makeup and unnatural poses. Asians, of course, do not like this.

Previously, an unnatural squint that appeared after unsuccessful plastic surgery or excessive Botox injections was considered a surgeon’s mistake and the reason for the mockery of the patient. An example is the 79-year-old Jocelyn Wildenstein, infamous by the nickname “Catwoman”: the woman’s face is so over-tightened that, in fact, she is considered a caricature of herself. Today there are a lot of kitty girls, though they are supported rather than mocked.

The celebrities who have made their eyes look more almond-shaped with the help of makeup (and special lifting procedures, as it is often rumored) include actresses Megan Fox and Shay Mitchell, top models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. However, they are followed by less-known, but ambitious bloggers, who make the eyebrow and eye lift service more and more popular every year.

As for makeup, in order to comply with the trend, you will need to draw lines that are strongly raised upward and emphasize the inner corner of the eye with a pencil or eyeliner. This looks better with long eyelashes that emphasize the eyes. Easier to show than to explain:

In the old days, Asians wanted to get rid of their native “squint” and underwent surgery to remove the epicanthus – the so-called Mongolian fold on the upper eyelid to make the eyes more European. Now, there seems to be a reverse trend: fair-skinned girls dream of having some oriental beauty.

Plastic surgeries and makeup wonders aren’t the only ways to get what you want. More budget options are to apply an appropriate filter to the image or tighten the skin at the temples with your fingers and keep it in this position (again, for the sake of a good photo) or squint. On the net, you can also find recommendations to tighten the tail or stick tape between the eyebrows and the hairline.

The latter methods are especially disliked by Asians: challenges to find the perfect angle, which will turn a European into a representative of a different race, look like a mockery of a foreign culture, and the pose with which part of the skin is held with a hand is called the migraine pose: it seems as if the women in the pictures are suffering from a headache, that’s why they are touching the face with such force.

Use makeup to achieve fox eyes, this is a trend that will soon be forgotten!

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