Man’s View: Should Women Wear High Heels?

We have read dozens of comments from our readers saying that a woman simply has to be feminine and wear heeled shoes rather than boots or sneakers. We asked our columnist to comment on this. The summary will surprise many people: it matters which girl is wearing the shoes rather than which shoes the girl is wearing.

A woman owes nothing to anyone

If a lady considers herself attached to her man, if she is a beautiful doll that he takes with him everywhere just like three-year-old kids take their favorite toy, then she cannot manage it without high heels. However, if a girl considers herself to be meaningful, the main thing in choosing shoes seems to be the comfort and her own desire.

Just for comparison – no single man would think of putting on an uncomfortable thing in order to look better or more handsome (we are not taking into consideration the freaks, who are out of their mind and come up with something obscene to look more masculine).

Here’s another insight from the world of men. I have never heard a friend or colleague say something like: “She is so lovely, but she refuses to wear high heels, so we are unlikely to be together.” None of my acquaintances worshipped the lady’s shoes after a date with her! However, there must have been the most breathtaking Louboutin shoes as well. Of course, the heel can lengthen the leg and make it slimmer; but most men do not understand whether this is the result of well-chosen shoes or the girl simply is a real beauty from nature.

In general, we are glad to be deceived. A man, who is inclined to romance, is an easy believer. So he will be trapped by your push-ups and mascara with a curling brush. Problems will begin later when the bra is replaced by a stretched T-shirt with Mickey Mouse, and natural eyelashes will shamelessly get rid of everything artificial. But that’s a completely different story.

Here’s a dialogue from life:

– Honey, I’m dead tired, my feet are just buzzing. After all, I’ve been on high heels all day long!

– Why did you wear them? You knew we were going to walk a lot.

– I did it for you. I wanted to look attractive.

As a result, both are dissatisfied. Both of them must have had plans for the evening after the walk, including some physical activity. All he can enjoy now is an exhausted face instead of a smile (all his beloved is thinking about is how to get to the shower). And the girl is upset because her man is so insensitive.

All these troubles could have been avoided if the girl had put on convenient shoes. Boots? OK, the feet will be warm. Sneakers? Great, you can walk at least 20 kilometers in them.

There are so many opportunities to find eye-pleasing and comfortable shoes now! Even rough shoes can emphasize slim legs. Aren’t you going to say that a girl cannot wear a leather jacket?

Or sneakers. Comfortable, beautiful (it depends on your choice, of course). You can wear them with almost anything. This is why we can be thankful for street style.

To be honest, only one thing confuses me – ballet shoes. I understand they are convenient and cheap. But from an aesthetic point of view, they look doubtful. If the girl of my dreams comes to date in ballet shoes, someday later we’ll just go to a shoe shop and choose something that we’ll both like.

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