How to Select the Right Eye Makeup for Your Eye Color

There are various types of makeup styles that have come into fashion today. Bold eye makeup exerts a very glamorous look; however, women today prefer a look which is soft yet stylish. Eyes are a very beautiful asset that any woman can beautify. It doesn’t matter if your eyes are small or very bubble large, but if you know to use the right amount of eye shadow, as well as are familiar with the shades that would highlight your eyes gracefully, you have won the race. The following mentioned are a few quick tips which would help you in selecting the right eye shadow color to compliment your eye color.

Eye Makeup Color

Eye Makeup Gadgets That You Will Require

First of all, you need to choose one of the eye makeup products that will accent your eye color:

  1. eye shadows;
  2. mascara;
  3. eye liner.

Please, also keep in mind the following:

  • There are 3 major types of eye shadow application available – smoky,extreme and standard tones.
  • Eye shadows with a contrasting color to your eyes will highlight them.

Eye Makeup Tips for a Blue Eyed Lady

Blue Eyes Makeup

Blue eyes really stand out in earthen and smoky eye shadows. The all-favorite colors for blue eyes are hues of brown. Then may it be dark chocolate, light brown or even beige. Your eyes will look tempting. However if you want to apply a dramatic and smoky appearance, you can apply black eye shadow or even charcoal and pewter. For a simple yet charismatic appeal, you can sport a deep blue eye shadow to compliment your light blue eyes. You are allowed to apply shades of plum, bright berries, silver and even turquoise in addition to the charm.

While choosing an eyeliner for blue eyes, opt for brown, grey or medium blue shaded eye liners. Hues of copper, gold, bronze or even dark purple and deep berry would make your eyes look absolutely gorgeous.

Things to Avoid

Too much of pink color will make you look like an alien if you have blue eyes with a pinkish skin. You must also avoid hot pinks and fuschias, as they will make you seriously look bad. If your eyes don’t have any blending colors like turquoise, no tings of green, then you must avoid using green eye liners or shadows. These colors will actually make your eyes look extremely dull.

Mascara Application Tips for Blue Eyes

For women with blue eyes and fairer skin tones should try using brown or black mascaras. On the other hand, you can try using black, charcoal gray, deep navy or midnight blue to compliment your eyes.

Eye Makeup Tips for a Green Eyed Woman

Green Eyes Makeup

A woman possessing green or hazel eyes will look absolutely stunning in shades of golden, soft plums and violet berry shades. To give your eyes a true look, you can try using deep browns, ultra dark greens, intense taupe and khakis. For dramatic green eyes, you can make use of light green hues, dazzling limes or even loud purples.

For a gorgeous lady with green or hazel eyes, eye liners with black, deep gold, dark green and even brown would add a lot of glamour to your eyes. Colors like navy, grey or even deep pewter would make your eyes look hot.

Things to Avoid

Women with green or hazel eyes must certainly avoid hues of neutral brown colors if you have an olive skin tone. A few neutral browns have a yellow base which makes your eyes look flat and brings forth the worst in your skin.

Mascara Application Tips for Green or Hazel Eyes

Green or hazel eyed beauties would definitely look attractive in deep forest, black or even brown mascara.

Eye Makeup Tips for a Brown Eyed Babe

Brown Eyes Makeup

Brown eyes look magnetic in light pinks, sparkling beiges and moist apricot eye shadows. Light champagne is also a shade which highlights brown eyes. To add a more casual look to glamorous brown eyes, you can use shades of copper and bronze, khaki greens and doe browns. You can also add a more fascinating look to them by contrasting with neon blues, hot pink and bright green for a wild look.

Women with the asset of brown eyes should try eye lines in eggplant or deep berry. Your eyes will also look great if beautified with charcoal, black or a grey colored eye liner.

Things to Avoid

Any shade of dark green, teal or turquoise will be hazardous and turn you into a disaster.

Mascara Application Tips for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes look stunning in black or brown mascaras. You can also compliment your eyes by mixing an eggplant liner with mascara.

Different Uses of Mascara

Usually black mascaras are a winner when it comes to making any eye color look gorgeous. However, there are various colors of mascaras also available in the market. At some point of time, colored mascaras add a very dramatic look to your eyes or sometimes people looking at you won’t be comfortable either. An additional tip for women over the age of 45 is that they should not experiment using colored mascara as it will highlight their growing age more than their attractiveness.

Final Tips & Warnings

  • When applying eye makeup, consider a color that would go well with your eye color as well as your skin tone.
  • If you are young, you can experiment with various shades to create ultra glam looks.
  • If you are not planning a funky look, avoid neon hues and brighter tone eye shadows, mascaras or eye liners.
  • You eye shadow color should not match the clothes you are wearing. Rather it should match your skin and your eyes.

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