2020 Wedding Makeup Trends Brides Should Know

The big day is rapidly approaching! You’ve taken care of all the details including the gorgeous vintage inspired engagement ring, a stunning wedding dress, the band, your menu options, the venue, and all the other details that need to be cemented early on.

Now, it’s time to work out the finer details, including how you’ll do your makeup for the big day. Since all the attention will be on your face during the ceremony, you want to get it just right! Here are some trends to follow.

1. Colorful Eyes

For the last decade or more, colored eyelids have been completely out of Vogue. Brides opted for a more natural tint versus a brightly colored violet or shimmery blue on their lids. These natural colors are still popular for brides, but if you’ve always had a love for color, you’ll be happy to know it’s coming back in style.

Makeup artists encourage the use of colored lids if it’s well-balanced with the overall look. “It used to be taboo to introduce a colored liner or some shimmer into your bridal look,” designer Michaela Podolsky expressed to Brides.com while attending Bridal Fashion Week. “But we’re finding a great way to balance it by keeping the skin bare.”

She encourages brides to try color “in a tasteful, approachable way.” You might put a little shimmer on the corner of your eyelid. If you want all-over color on your lids, Podolsky recommends wearing a color other than stark white, since that can create too much contrast and feel off balance. Even a simple off-white or ivory could help you pull off colored lids.

2. A Natural Glow

Whether they choose colored lids or a natural shimmer, brides of 2020 are seeking more of a natural glow than the fully contoured makeup we’ve seen in the past. You’ll see brides walking down the aisle with a foundation base that’s barely visible. Many will even use just a tinted moisturizer or CC cream rather than a full foundation, focusing on great skin care in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

To accentuate that natural glow, more and more brides are using a pretty rosy blush to show off the best features of the face. This differs from the stark highlighting we’ve seen in the past and gravitates towards more tasteful blush trends common in the 80s.

3. Full and Fluffy Brows

If you spent the early 2000s plucking your brows into a pencil-thin line, you might still be working on growing back your brows. In preparation for your 2020 wedding, you might try an eyebrow growth serum to repair the follicles of your brows and grow the bold brows you’ll need for the latest makeup trends. (Always seek the advice of a certified esthetician when using growth serum to ensure it’s applied correctly and delivers the desired results.)

You can also use eyebrow pencils and brushes that help to fill in patchy brows and make them look natural. You’re going for a “just brushed” look for your full brows, and the right brow liner can help your existing hairs stay in place while filling in unwanted gaps.

4. Purple Lip Tints

Bold lipsticks won’t be very popular among 2020 brides, but if you’re a fan of deep color for your pout, you can’t go wrong with a purple tint. “While some may see it as an unusual choice for brides, purple lip hues can be incredibly flattering,” shares Jamie Cuccinelli of Brides.com. “Look to a berry-tinted hydrating balm…for a subtle and shiny wash of color.”

But if you’re not ready to make such a strong statement, you can’t go wrong with the traditional pink and nude lip colors that have been used for decades. These are classic colors that will never go out of style.

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