Fall Makeup Trends 2019

Autumn has fully claimed its own rights, which means it’s time to understand the main makeup trends that are worthy of trying and putting into practice. Moreover, no one suggests hiding bright lipsticks and colored shades until spring this season.

This fall is a time of contrasts: both gentle pastel shades and striking bright neon are fashionable. The only things missing from the “makeup menu” are dark lipsticks and the restraint typical of the cold season.

Focus on eyelashes

Eyelashes are definitely in the focus of fashion this season, with both lush fake eyelashes a la Twiggy and natural, well-dyed ones. Particularly brave women can experiment and make multi-layered “spider legs”, but this is not an option for beginners – to make them look really good and neat, you need to be sophisticated in makeup. Fans of colored mascaras with glitter can rejoice: this year it is also fashionable in the fall, so do not rush to put it in the back pocket of your cosmetic bag. In general, there is one rule – eyelashes should be visible.

Fresh blush

Blush should be pinkish-red – this is a key trend in fall makeup. The only rule is that it must be natural, as if you were walking along the street for a long time, and your skin got slightly reddened.

Focus on eye contour

To realize this trend, you just need a black kajal, which should carefully outline the contour of the eyes and makeup the space between lashes. Eyelashes themselves can be left “naked” or covered with one layer of lengthening mascara. As a result, you can get the perfect everyday look.


Glitter has been popular for more than one season. It used to be a bright accent in makeup, but now it can live a completely independent life on your face: it is an independent texture along with lipstick, eye shadow or blush. They can be on the lips, cheekbones or eyes, but this is not an option for everyday makeup. Use this option for evening outings or special occasions.

Bright colors

It’s hard to believe, but neon and brightness are extremely relevant this fall, along with the traditional shades of palettes in restrained golden-brown and smoky-gray color schemes. Moreover, it is recommended to add saturated colors not only on the eyelids, but also on the cheekbones, as the fashion shows suggest. In general, translucent and romantic watercolor shades quite comfortably coexist with bright colors, boldly applied in one stroke, so feel free to experiment.

Experimental arrows

Double silver ombre arrows with no makeup inside the contour, smoky, with colored corners, retro-futuristic – everything is possible this season. So if you like to experiment and try something new in makeup, go for it!

Moist shine

The glossy finish and moist lip gloss that became popular at the beginning of this year remains topical. In autumn, you can use not only transparent options, but also shine with a shimmer, enhancing the nail polish effect.


Another obvious trend towards simplification manifested itself in the coming season as monocolor in the makeup of eyes and lips. It is ideal, if the blush belongs to the same color range. You can take one multi-use product and do all the makeup for it. It can be either a pink-burgundy color or bronze variations of the chocolate tan.

Red lips

Red and bright! Matte, moderate satin gloss or latex gloss – choose what you like best! This fall, red is the best choice in lip makeup. The main condition is perfect skin without excess shine and the absence of other accents (eyelashes may even be left undyed).

Kissed lip effect

One of the most interesting trends is a blurred, oiled contour, or the effect of kissed lips. Ideal, carefully drawn pencil borders gave way to lightness and negligence. How to achieve such a makeup effect? One way is to draw a contour with a pencil and then gently blend it with a brush or a cotton swab.

Another option is to apply foundation on the lips (your regular foundation, for instance) and then color the lips in the center with lipstick and blend the color to the borders of the lips with a cotton swab. By the way, you will achieve a fashionable ombre effect this way. To visually make the lips smaller, make the transition from a dark tone in the center to lighter shades near the contour. To visually enlarge the lips, do the opposite – from dark to light in the center – or add a drop of highlighter or gloss to the middle of the lips.

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