Sniff out Your Man at a Pheromone Party

Want an infallible method of choosing a perfect partner? Appearances regularly deceive, chemistry gets stale, communication crumbles down – is there anything we can rely on for steady and exciting relationship?

Find your best partner at a Pheromone Party

Here’s an idea to go back to basics for the solution. Forget online dating, meeting in bars and clubs – you already know what you end up with. What about closing your eyes and going back in time, to the epoch when smell reigned supreme. Animals are still employing this beautifully simple way of finding a partner, and it doesn’t look as if they made many mistakes, does it? They still don’t have psychoanalysts and divorce courts – so chances are it’s smelling that does the trick!

And you won’t be alone in this breakthrough recipe for happiness. There have sprung up special kind of parties for those eager to fall back on their noses, dubbed Pheromone Parties. They are confined to New York and Los Angeles, but hopefully the trend will catch on! The arrangements are as follows: you take your favorite shirt, sleep in it for three nights, and when it’s properly infused with your individual aroma, you put it into a plastic bag and into a freezer. Of course you take it along to a party, get a card with your number and move in for the sniffing fun.

The participants then start treating themselves to the smells until somebody’s well-prepared laundry gets them to the heights of sensation. They get photographed with the bag that inspired their olfactory affections, the photo is projected on the screen, and you come face to face with the person whose body odors proved so enticing. Here you are, go for it for whatever it’s worth.

A pheromone party sounds wacky to you? Well, if we ask boffins, it’s not quite as wacky as it seems. Experts on genetics say that smelling is the typical human way of recognizing individuals who could help you produce the healthiest offspring. The nose gives us a clue to just how good is a person in terms of future babies – to keep human beings propagating on and on for eternity. So what about throwing doubts to the wind and get on with your life smelling what you like and liking what you smell?

So, if you are not hesitating about who may be the owner of the best-smelling shirt, there’s just a possibility that as soon as you stop laundering your underwear people will sit up and take notice thinking about what kind of babies you can conceive… and some other things as well. Haven’t they kept telling us to follow our noses?

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