What Clothes to Wear with Fatty Legs?

Fatty Legs in PantsJudging your legs as too fatty or too skinny etc., you have to consider not only how big of a diameter your legs are but also such judgments as their shape, length and your overall proportions. That’s why some women really have to “pack” their legs in wide pants or long skirts while others with harmonious-looking legs can take the liberty of showing them off. Just wear the clothes that help you achieve winning looks.

Long Skirts and Flowy Pants for Fatty Legs

It is very easy to hide your shortcomings under flowy pants and long skirts. But you shouldn’t go with just long skirts. If you have fatty legs, it is extremely important to choose the length enough to disguise your shortcomings. Often, what you need is a just-over-knee length skirt.

Whether you pick a classic just-below-knee skirt or a mid-calf length skirt is a matter of choice depending on particular cut and your proportions.

Capri Pants for Fatty Legs

Set of capri pants, pantyhose in a matching color and boots is quite appropriate alternative to classic pants. Just make sure there is no gap between your boots and capris.

Wearing Jeans with Fatty Legs

Fatty legs don’t mean you are not supposed to wear jeans. All you need is to choose the right jeans. The best model for you would be straight leg classic jeans, but tight jeans and low-rise jeans are out of question.

Taller Is Thinner

As a general rule, the taller you seem, the thinner you look. That’s why you should wear high heel shoes. Skirt, shoes and pantyhose in the same color will make your legs look longer and slimmer.

As a rule, warm colors make you look bigger while cold hues and black color make you appear thinner. Remember these tips when buying pantyhose.

What Clothes to Avoid with Fatty Legs?

Here are some tips on what clothes should be avoided by women with fatty legs.

  • You definitely don’t want mini skirts, shorts and tight pants with fatty legs.
  • Avoid flashy patterns along the hemline, especially for just-over-knee and just-below-knee skirts and dresses.
  • In addition, you should avoid clothing silhouettes that narrow a shoulder line.
  • Pantyhose with large pattern, net pantyhose and textured pantyhose are not options as they do make your legs appear bigger.

What Shoes to Wear with Fatty Legs?

Flat sole shoes or very low and wide heel shoes team up with the pants well. With skirts and dresses, though, you should put, at least, low heel shoes on.

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