Food to Relieve Stress

Chocolate to Relieve StressOne of the easiest ways to cope with stress is to eat chocolates, sweets and ice cream all day long. However, such diet will by all means leave some traces on your belly and hips. As for me, I often have the idea to eat some chocolate, when I’m stressed or sad, although I know how unhealthy it is. But there’s a way to manage stress, lighten your mood and reduce weight at the same time – eating certain foods do a lot for it.

Scientists claim, the best foods helping cope with stress are fruits, veggies, fish and nuts. At the same time, these foods don’t make you weigh more. Even more beneficial is a balanced diet, such as Mediterranean one. Let’s talk about the details and find out, what foods help relieve stress and how.

Eating Fish and Coping with Stress

In order to stay mentally healthy, one should eat such sorts of fish as tuna, salmon, pilchard, trout and mackerel every day. These fish kinds contain the ceiling amount of Omega-3 fatty acid, which strengthens the heart and arteries.

Eating Fruits, Vegetables and Coping with Stress

Try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible during the “vegetable season”, when they are so fresh. Boil vegetables and, what’s even healthier, bake them. This makes vegetables keep the ceiling amount of healthy substances. Eat fruits, as they are one of the best sources of vitamins. This helps relieve stress.

Eating Greens and Coping with Stress

Managing stress can be easier, if you add greens to your diet at least in summer. Use them in salads, soups and vegetable dishes. They prolong youth and make one more enduring.

Eating Dairy products and Coping with Stress

Eating dairy products is quite important, when you need to cope with stress. The best of them are hard cheese sorts and fresh natural yoghurts.

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