Heartburn – Pregnancy’s Well-known Companion

Pregnant Woman Eating Pregnancy is a happy time for every woman since once this period in her life is over she bears a child. On the other hand, pregnancy is connected with other problems as well, one of them is heartburn. Often enough heartburn becomes pregnancy’s constant companion. What are the reasons behind this? How can we rid ourselves of this unpleasant feeling?

Causes of Heartburn

Heartburn is usually present in the last months during pregnancy since the womb grows bigger. As it grows it squeezes the internals more and more. Stomach is also affected by this process. Its reaction to this regular squeezing is heartburn, since there is some excessive production of stomach acid which is accompanied with burning pain, acid eructation, and sour taste in the mouth.

How to Get Rid of Heartburn

Heartburn does not usually bring particularly heavy discomfort to pregnant women, besides they can do some self-help to relieve themselves. For instance, exclude any products which can bring about heartburn from the diet. Those products include:

  • beans,
  • fat and farinaceous foods,
  • too hot or too cold foods.

Dieting Tips to Relieve Heartburn

If you experience heartburn rather often, you may have to substantially change your diet. Preferably eat steam-cooked food, cooked cereals, vegetables, and completely give up any products which can bring about the heartburn. Eat often, but in small helpings.

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