Hot Jeans Trends

Hot JeansWhat can unite a businessman and a homeless person, a Hollywood star and a housewife, a poor student and a famous politician? Certainly jeans can. Currently this is the most democratic part of wardrobe which unites people regardless of their age, prosperity, and social status. Jeans come in different colors, sizes, with high and low waistline, with lappets and prints. And what jeans style is trendy those days?

My Sexy Blue Jeans

Blue and frayed sky-blue are the most typical colors, the classic black and grey jeans are also welcomed, the cool trend those days is beige or white jeans.

Multicoloured Jeans

Multicoloured jeans have taken a back seat, just like the strasses, lamellas, and lappets did. In fashion those days are individual jeans, for instance with hand-drawn pictures; the main point is that they should not be loud or tawdry.

Jeans Waistline

Low-waist jeans hold their grounds; moreover, more and more ladies become their fans as years pass. Yet, the stylish designers for a number of years in a row proclaim in vogue to be high and superhigh waistline jeans, this way they bring the jeans closer to the unionalls, which in fact initiated the jeans phenomena.

High Waistline Jeans

Up till now only models accept this trend and it should not be too surprising since to look good in those jeans one should have a slender figure since high waistline accentuates wide hips. Besides, not only the waistline is lifted up but the jeans’ length is raised to the ankles as well – the main thing is that those jeans should not ruin figure proportions. On the other hand, high waistline jeans, unlike the on-hip ones, will allow you control any extra inches. We can not know for sure whether the high waistline jeans will conquer the minds of the fashion-conscious women as much as their antipodes did. Yet, no matter what the latest trend is, jeans will be stylish forever.

Classic Jeans

But as for now we can look back at the classics. The five-pocket styles try to keep up with the rest; in place of the pocket for pocket-watch, jackknife, or instruments come pockets for cell-phones, palmtops, and mp3 players.

Want to wear comfortable clothes? Want to be stylish? Join the jeans wave, this trend will never rush back.

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