Women Prefer Soap Operas over Sex

Woman Watching a Soap OperaWomen are willing to go for various sacrifices for the sake of watching the next episode of the favourite soap opera! As British scientists found out, about a quarter of women who live in Britain are willing to give up sex completely just so that they can watch their favourite soap operas, such as “Sex and the City” and the British “Coronation Street”.

Soap Operas Determine the Day Plan

It was also discovered that many women plan their leisure time in advance on the basis of TV listings and the listed soap operas. Some can even lie to their friends and say that they are too busy so that they can watch the next episode of their favourite TV show.

Sex or Soap Operas?

A study was held by telecommunications company Tiscali; 1.6 thousand British grown-ups participated in the study. The study showed that 17% of females aged between 16 and 24 are willing to speed up sex for the sake of a soap opera or to have sex while watching the happenings on TV.

Sex and the City

“Sex and the City” Actresses.

Friends or Soap Operas?

More than half the participants in this group watch their favourite soap opera episodes for at least five times. 12% of the participants said that they experience greater pleasure from watching the shows than from the communications with the family members or friends.

Religion or Soap Operas?

The study also showed that Television plays greater role in the process of building relationships and settling their life than religion does for over 56% of Britons.

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