Mascara Application Secrets from Makeup Artists

Perfect MascaraTired of the same process of applying your black mascara every day? Looking for some new tips? Or do you want just some help to avoid those mascara bits under your eyes, which appear every time you apply mascara? Here are some tips from makeup artists on how to apply mascara. You can use them as well as the recommendations published yesterday in “Mascara Application Tips”. All this will help you achieve perfectly looking eye makeup.

Apply Dry Powder

The following trick is often used: the eyes area under the eyelashes is densely covered with dry powder before starting the eye makeup. Once the makeup is done, the powder is simply brushed off along with the fallen off mascara bits.

Two Mascara Colors

Color tricks can create amazing effect: use traditional black color for upper eyelashes and for the lower ones a mascara which matches the eye colour. This way the shade will seem deeper and richer.

Curling Eyelashes

Use special pair of tongs to give your eyelashes a seductive curve; apply some mascara prior to the “curling” and then clutch the hairs with the tongs for over a minute. Some beauty salons offer permanent curling: every eyelash is winded around a special roller and then some special substance is applied to fixture the curl. The results of the procedure hold for about two-three months.