Are Magnetic or Glue Lashes More Comfortable?

As technology progresses, we’re seeing more innovative ideas than ever. One such to come along fairly recently is that of magnetic false lashes.

The idea is that you no longer have to mess with glues or adhesives to get comfortable lashes. It’s supposed to be quick, painless, and easy.

But could it really be so simple? Well, in reality, no. While the process certainly sounds great, it isn’t without its issues. Like anything else, holes have been poked, and the curtain drawn back.

Let’s take a closer look at this trend to see why you may want to try it, or why you might be better off avoiding it. We’ll also discuss the merits of sticking to good old-fashioned glue.

Sticky Business

When the idea of magnetic falsies first burst onto the scene, it was largely met with praise. “Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?” or, “Where do I sign?” was heard from every corner of the internet.

But when the product actually got into consumers’ hands, the buzz quickly began to fade. The idea certainly sounded enticing on paper, but in execution, it just didn’t pan out like everyone was hoping.

When people started reviewing magnetic lashes, it quickly became apparent that they simply don’t stay on as well as glue. The problem lies in the size of the magnet. There just isn’t much room for it to properly clampdown.

This led to many falling off, with some sooner rather than later. Another point of contention was with the actual application process. Many who were hoping for a speedy process were met with even further aggravation.

It turned out to be a rather tedious process that took longer than using glue. Many users just couldn’t get the pieces to connect.

Now, that’s not to say that you should avoid it at all costs. Depending on your daily activities and level of patience, you may benefit from magnetic lashes.

And you may find that the process comes naturally to you. There were some who had little trouble with it. But even then, there is still the risk of the magnets coming undone throughout the day.

Hold It Together

When it comes to glue, your falsies are much less likely to come off. Glue has been proven to be a reliable way of keeping lashes intact. The glues and adhesives used today don’t irritate eyelids like some of the products of yesteryear.

Now, it is still dangerous if the glue comes into contact with your eye. It’s vitally important that you take your time to ensure that you are applying the lashes safely and correctly.

If you follow the proper procedure for doing so, you’ll be left with comfortable falsies that you can enjoy all day long.

Another plus is that it takes only very little glue to apply false lashes. And when you get really seasoned at applying falsies and using glue, you likely won’t ever have to worry about this being an issue.

Perhaps most importantly, lashes that are glued on simply look better. Magnetic lashes tend to look awfully fake, giving you another reason to stick with what works.


When it comes down to applying lashes with magnets or glue, there are just too many negatives to say about the former. Magnetic lashes currently can’t hold a candle to the tried-and-true effectiveness of using glue.

You’re less likely to have the level of aggravation that you would if you were to use magnets. You want to have comfortable lashes throughout the day. As it stands, that simply isn’t something that magnets can provide.

Perhaps they will one day be perfected to where it becomes the norm. But for now, you’re better off sticking with reliable glue to keep your falsies in place.

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