What Shapes Do Acrylic Nails Come In?

Maybe your first experience with acrylic nails was in high school; you got treated to a “full set” for prom, or maybe some other special event. Chances are, the one and only shape on the menu was squared off and definitely painted French. Times have changed and now the options for nail shapes are numerous.

Additionally, you can get some great nail shapes in temporary press-on acrylic nails you can apply and remove yourself at home. This opens a world of possibilities, as temporary acrylic nails make it easy and affordable to change your nails like you change your clothes. Whether you want a short, manicured look for the day, or a glittery, stiletto look for the evening, there’s no shortage of options on the acrylic nail scene. Here are some of the most popular shapes available for acrylic nails.


One of the newest shapes of the nail game is the coffin shape. Often referred to as the “new” squared nail, a coffin-shaped nail is essentially an oval shape at the bottom that tapers and squares off at the top. This makes the nail slightly coffin-like, hence the name. The new square is on-trend and looks great for both work and play. It’s the most versatile style as it isn’t very limiting when it comes to activities (it’s easier to type and write with nails that are squared at the top). It also makes a statement and looks uber classy for dressier attire. A coffin nail can hold its own in practically any social setting.


Oval nails are probably the most tried and true, beloved nail shape that’s been on the scene since artificial nails came around. With practically a cult following, an oval-shaped nail is most closely identified with a natural nail shape; wide at the bottom, and rounded at the top. The round curvature of the nail tip follows the tip of the actual finger. These shapes are truly classic and timeless and look great with a coat of bright red polish. For a less daring look, these nail shapes are also essential in a neutral shade for pairing with your workweek. Far from outdated, however, these nails come to life when outfitted with noticeable, trendy color and/or glitter.


This nail shape is not for the faint of heart! Stiletto nails have an iconic pointed tip that practically begs to be noticed, no matter what color the nail is wearing. A variation of the classic oval, this nail shape is class with a bit of sass. While the practicality of wearing a stiletto nail might not fall into line with everything you’ve got on the docket for a week, you can definitely bring them out for special events and evenings out. Stilettos are great for grabbing attention and give off a definite aura of feminine allure and strength; much like the shoes after which they were named.


Round nail shapes are the shortest and most practical of all the acrylic nail shapes available. Commonly referred to as “sport length” nails, this shape is more defined by its length than actual shape. This shape is the closest you can come to a natural, trimmed back nail. Barely extending past the tip of the finger, a round-shaped nail curve much like an oval-shaped nail, but the curve of the nail is wider. These round shapes are good for just about any activity you can imagine. They can be worn during activities like working out or even boxing. They also will not interfere with your day job (i.e. type all you want; they won’t go anywhere). Both functional and fashionable, the round nail is a great option for everyone.

Acrylic at-home nails are available in several shapes and sizes; one for every mood or outfit. Using temporary acrylic nails means you can change your nail shape whenever you want without having to make a trip to the salon.

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