What to Do with Skinny Legs?

Wе suspect that half the women will wonder at the question “What to do with skinny legs?” They will exclaim – “Of course, rejoice!”. However, not everyone will react like this.

Skinny legs – different types


Skinny legs can be different. In order to determine what to do if you have skinny legs, look at the body as a whole. Your height and bust-waist-hips proportions, as well as the shape of the legs still matter…

Below are different figure types depending on which you should wear certain clothes:

“A model”

Tall, usually with broad shoulders, small breasts and hips, thin legs. Look at the world’s catwalks – you will see girls of this type! If your parameters can easily compete with those of Kate Moss, then the entire range of dresses and shoes is at your service. But if you do not want to emphasize your height, try to wear tight-fitting clothes with loose-fitting ones – tight trousers with a bat sleeve blouse, a fitting T-shirt with a long wide skirt, etc.



Short or of medium height, slender legs, small breasts, rather narrow hips. Women with this body type stay young for a long time, and keep looking like teenage girls, even when retired! This constitution is very good – you can wear anything. Tight outfits look great, because the figure is proportional. However, the following feature can be upsetting – knees may not touch when you are standing one foot close to the other one. This is not about the curvature of the legs, but their specific location as to the hipbone. If this is about you, avoid leggings, bell-bottom jeans and pants. In addition, do not wear platform shoes; better choose heels!

“Inverted trapezoid”

High or medium height, broad shoulders, developed chest and/or a magnificent bust, not a thin waist, rather narrow hips and shapely legs. Although the legs can be just slim, not skinny, the “top” outweighs – and they look almost bony! Wear wide, straight pants, loose skirts, and jackets with a clear silhouette.

Skinny legs – what to wear and not to wear?


Despite the fact that skinny legs can be completely different in different figure types, we can give you some general tips about wardrobe.

Your wardrobe should include:

  • Straight classic creased pants.
  • Loose fit pants.
  • Pencil skirt
  • A loose maxi skirt
  • A straight midi skirt
  • A-line skirt just below the knee.


  • Wide shorts just above the knee
  • Wedge or heavy platform shoes
  • Pointed toe shoes
  • Tight fitting mini-skirt (above 20 cm from the knee)
  • Puffy mini-skirt.

Apart from the things that deserve a definite “yes!” and the taboos, there are items of clothing that are worth wearing only in certain combinations. For example, you can wear leggings with a tunic or a short dress, tight jeans with a shirt, sweater or a jacket covering your thighs, etc.

Can Workout Make My Legs Less Skinny?


Clothing and the right style are, of course, important. However, you can exercise your legs to make them less skinny.

We will immediately warn you against the attempts of getting nice legs by eating. If you start eating four hot dogs per day and completing your diet with cakes you will develop fat on your hips and abdomen, and the legs will begin to gain weight only when everything else resembles a heap of fat!

You’d better workout! Start jogging in the park. Try to walk more. It is also useful to ride a bike (or exercise on a stationary bike) and swim regularly.

Start doing morning exercises. Focus on the exercises for the legs.

Moreover, do not forget about fitness centers, where experienced instructors will show you the most appropriate system of exercises for slender athletic legs!

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