What Clothes to Wear with Skinny Legs?

What can you do if you are not a fortunate possessor of ideal legs? In the first place, ask yourself “What’s ideality anyway?” Individuality is a much better word and you should learn how to use your individuality to the best effect. And if you really have any disadvantage, you can turn it into an advantage or just pick the right clothes to disguise your shortcomings. This article is about what you should wear if you have skinny legs.


Skinny Legs and Pantyhose

If skinny legs are a good shape, you don’t really have to hide them. If for some reason you want to make your legs look bigger, wear pantyhose of light or warm colors, tights with large patterns, especially horizontally striped pantyhose, and leggings.

Skinny Legs, Jeans and Skirts

If you have very skinny legs, avoid tight stretch-jeans, extreme mini-skirts, short or very wide flared skirts, thick sole shoes and vertical striped pantyhose.

You will surely enjoy these tips for choosing clothes for skinny legs.

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