Babies Get Healthy Eating Habits From Mother’s Milk

BreastfeedingYou don’t have to develop healthy eating habits in your baby, according to new research. These habits develop naturally if a breastfeeding mother sticks to a healthy diet herself. The fact has been discovered by Danish pediatricians from the University of Copenhagen. Their findings show that breastfeeding helps develop a taste for healthy food (like fruit and vegetables) in babies. The researches say that the link is even stronger if a woman eats more fruit and vegetables herself.

So we can conclude that breastfed babies may get to a variety flavors because breast milk is flavored by the foods a woman eats. Ultimately, it makes weaned babies accept the flavors of many foods that their mother’s milk contained. For example, the flavor of banana lasts in breast milk within an hour after being eaten while mint is detectable up for eight hours.

The researches claim their findings can help mothers to develop healthy eating habits in their babies.

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