Ice Cream and Slimming Diet

Ice CreamHow can you resist an ice-cream! Especially in summer, when you want to enjoy something refreshing and tasty. Judging by myself, it’s often impossible. But can you have it if you are watching your diet? Yes, you can! – dieticians say. Only, you have to follow some advice.

No Chocolate in Your Ice-cream

Choose regular ice-cream without chocolate topping. While regular ice-cream is lower in calorie, it is pretty nourishing.

Best Time for an Ice-cream

Eat the treat before noon when our digestive system works better.

Balance your Diet

Keep in mind that if you had your ice-cream you’d have to stay away from some other food at lunch. You should do that to ensure you stay at 1300-1500 kcal per day.

When Eating Ice-cream Is Beneficial to You

Ice-cream is worth eating, anyway. Natural ice-cream is a good source of calcium, amino acids, milk protein, vitamins and minerals. In addition, as we wrote earlier, ice-cream can help lift our spirits, fight stresses and insomnia.

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