How to Make Life with Allergies Easier?

How to Make Life with Allergies Easier?As the warm season arrives many people face some allergy challenges. Dust is one of the widely spread allergens. Symptoms of allergic reaction to dust are similar to that of the common cold and include swelling of nasal mucous, red eyes, enanthesis. How do we make the allergy period pass easier? There is a way to do this.

Doctors recommend doing dump dusting of the house regularly. In addition you should get rid of any objects which can accumulate dust. Those objects in the first place include carpets, curtains and blinds, stuffed animals, cushions, and so on. You should replace the bedclothes at least once a week. Wash your clothes often since they easily absorb the dust.

When you feel that the allergy has worsened, in this case the medical recommendation is to go outside only with the sunglasses on, since the sun can cause heavy lacrimation.

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