Silky Bedclothes Provide a Good Night's Sleep

Silky Bedclothes Most people choose cotton bedclothes, as they believe, this natural fabric is the best to sleep on, but it turns out that the healthiest sleep is the one on silky bedclothes. When human body comes into contact with it, the level of haemoglobin in the blood is rising; as a result, the cells of the body oxygenate and the immunity goes up.

Ancient Chinese and Japanese practitioners of medicine believed that silk has a beneficial effect on the human body. However, only a short time ago Beijing scientists began a series of experiments to either confirm or disconfirm the beliefs of the ancient. Their experiments demonstrated that in reality silk does increases the level of haemoglobin in the human blood. This in turn means that tissues of the body oxygenate faster and so the immunity goes up.

For this reason scientists decided to recommend everybody to sleep not on cotton bedclothes but on silky one. Scientists are sure that this material repels bacteria and even has an influence upon human brain, enhancing the perception of sounds and colors.

The unique qualities of silky bedclothes do not end here – a low capability of silk to absorb moisture helps human skin become moisturized. Meanwhile, sleep on cotton pillows can lead to appearance of wrinkles.

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