Alcohol as Sexual Stimulator

Some prefer to dilute love foreplay with alcohol drinks, as there is a belief that such drinks not only stimulate sexual arousal but also help keep up the erection for hours. It would be true to say that alcohol does not deserve the title of sexual stimulator. On a large scale, alcohol does improve neither the quality nor the duration of sex.



However, there are some representatives of the alcohol dynasty, which are capable of making an unforgettable night. Absinth is one of them for instance. The drink is made of common wormwood, which has an arousing agent – thujone.

Anise Drinks

Drinks that are based on anise could also be titled as sexual stimulators. Besides them there are also chocolate and egg liqueurs; the first ones give a feeling of relaxation and being in love, and the second ones, rich in calories and protein, give the body strength for a long love marathon.

Mulled Wine

The best sex companion in winter could be a blood accelerating spicy mulled wine – it is a mix of wine with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg and ginger.


Quiet reliable armour for Casanova in all times was herb liqueurs. Though, as a rule their taste is very bitter, which is disliked by many.

The Effect of Alcohol on Libido

In general as for usage of alcohol during sex, researchers divide in opinion; some defend it, the others charge it. Some inform of increase in potency after a drink, the others inform of erection decrease or even its complete absence. However, all researchers agree in one thing – alcohol helps relax and removes barriers. It also makes people feel more confident by grossly exaggerating the understanding of their true abilities.

Please, don’t forget, that drinking too much alcohol can be harmful for your health.

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