How to Sleep Less and Stay Full of Energy?

How to Sleep LessOne of Leonardo da Vinci’s secrets was hidden in special sleep scheme: he slept 15 minutes every four hours; this way he cut his daily sleep time from 8 to 1.5 hours. Due to this scheme he saved 75 percent of his sleep and, hence, extended his life time from 70 years all the way up to 100. Nicola Tesla slept for 2 hours a day, starting from age 19, and had enough time to do a lot during his life. By far not everyone can handle such schedule for long.

If you do not want to spend your precious time on sleep, “torn out” of life, you can follow some simple rules which can help you easily get some rest and cut sleep time at the same time without using those schemes.

1. Exercise

The first rule lies in mandatory daily workout for at least fifteen minutes. Most of the exercises should work on your back, legs, and abdominal muscles. By following this rule, as it turns out, you can easily cut your sleep time by a whole hour without harming your health. Maybe even by 1.5 hours. Fifteen minutes will help you take off the weariness accumulated daily.

2. More Oxygen

Rule number two requires the room to be well ventilated before or during sleep.

3. Orthopedic Bed

Sleep on a pillow or mattress stuffed with straw, horsehair or coconut fibre.

4. Eating before Bedtime

Rule number four forbids going to sleep on a full stomach.

5. Get up Quickly

Rule number five: avoid “forced sleep”. In other words – get up once you wake up.

6. Cold Shower

Rule number six recommends taking cool shower every day, or better – dousing with cold water.

7. Being Active

And, finally, rule number seven. Lead an active life since active people need less sleep but at the same time stay cheerful and full of energy.

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