Benefits of Sleeping in Separate Beds

Couples don’t have to sleep together all the time – although it seems to be a tradition of a kind, there have always been two opinions about it. The thing is, bunking together can interfere with one’s sleep to a very serious extent. When you are careful about how you sleep, you can definitely prefer not to share one bed. As the National Sleep Foundation tells us, about 25% of spouses opt for sleeping in separate beds. How do you like the idea of shacking up in a room of your own? There are definite benefits to doing so.

The reasons that aver that two beds are better than one

Undoubtedly a well-rested person feels more confident both at home and at work and understands that their health depends on how much quality sleep they get. This is why an impressive number of partners vote for separate beds ticking off many reasons pro this arrangement. Some of the most common ones are to be found below:

  • Your partner snores like crazy.
  • Your partner has a runny nose.
  • Your partner is a victim of sleeplessness or troubled sleep which disrupts your sleep.
  • Your partner moves around a lot, misplacing the blanket constantly.
  • Your sleeping habits are poles apart – like you go to bed early while your partner will sit up late into the night.
  • You both prefer different environments – one must have warmth while the other needs a cooler atmosphere.

No reason to argue

If you find your sleep gets disrupted all the time because of your partner’s one of aforementioned bad habits it’s understandable you will be on the edge every night. Bad sleep will make it more difficult for you to hold your emotions in control, your empathy is also wearing thin, and the ground is ready for quarrels.

Evenings – and nighttime – begin to be filled with unacceptance, and arguments that grow more and more bitter. But once you have gone for separate beds, peace reigns, and both of you are fresh and collected in the mornings. No mood shifts, no annoyance. Reasons for conflicts disappeared as if by magic.

A fine morning mood

Couples with a long habit of snuggling together might have been long disregarding their sleep interruptions. Statistic says that people who sleep in the same bed can wake up about six times every night for various reasons: they can kick each other, break into loud snoring, and wake up because the blanket has been pulled off them.

If you lose the length and quality of sleep on the regular basis, you run the risk of aggravating your physical and mental condition. Obesity, depression, and anxiety will react to sleep troubles most quickly and negatively. This is sure to affect your relationship as well.

Avoid the pressure of scheduled sex

It is possible that your time prior to falling asleep is generally assigned to enjoying love; then one of the partners may be tired out after a hard day or secretly wish to escape routine because it deprives the relationship of a spark. Maybe both of you would be happier just this time to lie down on separate beds and drift off to sleep.

Occupying different beds does away with any sense of obligation or the necessity to explain to your partner that you are not in the right mood. You will be way more eager if you are not sleepy and free to choose the best time.

Deeper intimacy, a stronger desire

When you are overwhelmed with desire, you might find it more stimulating to go seeking your partner than just to have them lying next to you. A sort of an adventure, right?

More time for yourself

You may not have so much time when you have no one to distract you from your own thoughts and feelings. Having more personal time and uninterrupted sleep makes you calmer and more self-confident.

Moreover, in your room you will have better opportunities for self-care; no one will intrude on your watching a show, leafing through a book, oh, doing anything that you were feeling like doing. Again, no arguing with your partner about such small things.

Quality sleep improves looks

Sleeping well night after night can do wonders for health. First, according to studies, those whose sleep is below par tend to grow fat around their midsection. Then, without snoring or being kicked at, your body finds it easier to retain its shape. And you are sure to appreciate that fresh feeling as you get out of bed in the morning!

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