Outdated Fashion Items & What to Wear Instead

Fashion is fleeting and ruthless even for what seems to be eternal. We will tell you which things have not survived the new trends and what to replace them with.

Short jacket

A fitted jacket with a length just below the waist seemed a classic a couple of years ago, but in just a couple of seasons it was completely replaced by spacious elongated models. Today, some stylists advise to completely get away from irrelevant jackets, others suggest wearing them only in a strict tandem with trousers, but they warn: the risk of looking out of date even in such a classic combination is great.

What to replace it with: elongated oversized jackets (including fitting ones).

Skinny jeans

Some time ago, everyone was sure that these were the most comfortable jeans, but then mom jeans came into fashion, and skinnies lost their status of “classic” and “must-have” items, switching to the category of “anti-trends” and moving further and further away from the current models (for example, wide rapper jeans have become fashionable quite recently).

Skinny jeans still have a chance, but why not try something new?

What to replace them with popular mom jeans or trendy slouchy jeans.

Slim-fit pants

Another 100% classic item that fashion trends should not have affected. The classic silhouette is changing right before our eyes, and slim-fit cropped pants will not make the image stylish (and even more relevant), no matter how successfully they emphasize the figure.

What to replace them with: it depends on your desire – there are incredibly many actual models now. Choose from relaxed cotton chinos or luxurious palazzos.

Noodle dress

This is yet another thing that has suffered from the oversized fashion. “Noodle dresses” remain trendy, taking into account the transformation – the style should be free and should not emphasize all the curves of the figure.

What to replace it with: straight dresses or wrap models.

Slim-fit shirts

We are even happy about this – slim-fit shirts were not comfortable and restricted your moves wherever they could. Together with slim-fit jeans and fitting jackets, they are also a thing of the past. Stylists advise to get rid of “cropped” blouses – you won’t be able to style them in a modern way, even if you add the latest trends.

What to replace them with: spacious shirts made of dense fabrics (by the way, they will withstand many more washings).

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