36-Year-Old British Woman Would Choose Another Plastic Surgery over Her Husband

Kerry Miles became happy thanks to plastic surgeries and sincerely does not understand why the family does not support her desire to undergo these procedures again and again.

The 36-year-old British woman undertook a global makeover of herself. Kerry Miles was inspired by her love for Barbie: she would always consider her own appearance “boring”, but the famous doll attracted her with its bright appearance. Starting with extended and highlighted hair (by the way, such coloring options are trendy now), constant visits to the solarium, teeth whitening and pink in clothes, she then switched to plastic and cosmetology. She has already spent more than 130 thousand dollars on surgeries and procedures.

She became a fan of Botox and augmented her lips and breasts. She augmented the latter from the 3rd to the 5th size. She considers her current image more perfect and is disgusted by looking at pictures before numerous procedures. Now, to get out of the house (even if it’s just a walk with the dog), Miles has to correspond to the image: take a jacuzzi (we have no explanation why this is important), curl her hair, do makeup, apply fake eyelashes. According to her, the process takes at least two hours.

Carrie has been married since 2012, she has a 15-year-old daughter, whom she also wants to “introduce” to plastic surgeries. She is saving money for her daughter Bethany’s mammoplasty, despite her vehement protests. “Bethany is beautiful, but I know from my personal experience how plastic surgeries can change your life and make you happier. Now she says that she will never do plastic surgery, but I thought the same at her age. Never say never. I have savings in case she changes her mind and wants to have mammoplasty or liposuction”, the caring mom tells The Sun newspaper.

Kerry’s spouse is against this stuff and asks the wife to stop reshaping her face and body. Miles, on the contrary, is determined and plans to once again enlarge her breasts and reshape her nose. Moreover, 36-year-old “Barbie” is ready to divorce if her lover continues to object to her metamorphoses.

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