A New Beauty Treatment for Your Home: Modern Pendant Lighting

How do you make a statement in your home? With bold walls or unique art? Furniture with flare or small accent details? How about with lighting? Here are a few trending modern pendant lighting designs and places you can put them.

Modern Pendant Lighting Trends

What’s great about pendant lights is the variety of styles. No matter how trendy, there is a style that’s sure to fit every design. Here are three styles that are tending.

Matte Black

Matte black is the new black. There’s no wonder this style is trending; it’s a modern take on the classic iron fixtures. Black is ideal for any room and any design because it goes with everything. And since matte black is so popular, most fixtures come in this color. While sleek and industrial styles are typical for matte black fixtures, a modern take on rustic and vintage styles are not hard to find.

Geometric Shapes

If you like the look of exposed bulbs, a pendant light in a geometric shape might be for you. This style would give some angles and edge to your design. At the same time, the openness of the design allows for an airy feeling. These pendants often come in metallic colors like gold and silver. Some may also include glass or wood elements. This style fits well in homes with a contemporary or edgy design.

Wicker Shades

These lighting fixtures have been growing in style for homes that want to marry natural and neutral tones. The wicker shades hanging over a room will add a warm and comfortable feeling to your home. If a few shades of neutral tones, wicker shades add a lot of texture to a room. These lighting fixtures are great for homes with a bohemian-inspired design.

Where to Put Modern Pendant Lights

In your home, pendant lights can go just about anywhere. But these are three unique places to make a lighting statement. You can find the perfect pendant lights for your home at Wilbur Davis Studios.

The Hallway

A hallway pendant light will create a beautiful transition from one room to another. For these well-traveled places, light the way with statement lightening. This keeps your hallway from feeling like an afterthought in your design. Take into account the space: large, low hanging lights can make your hall feel smaller. Long halls will need more lights, so play with sets of three or five for a balanced design.

The Bedroom

Bedside table lamps are a staple. But now that’s it’s a rule, it’s time to break it. Instead of doing the traditional lamps, pendant lights on either side of the bed can make an impact. You’ll want to keep the lighting soft, so bedtime is relaxing. Smaller, low hanging fixtures can capture this feeling. Play with contrast and shapes for an impactful look.

The Breakfast Nook

Adding pendant lights to the breakfast nook can define the space. Hung over a bistro table will solidify this little nook as a small space with a punch. Use soft lighting to start the day off calmly. In this space, you can get playful. Try side by side pendants or three pendants of different lengths. The style can compliment the lighting in your kitchen.

Give Your Home Flare

Using lighting is one of the best ways to make a statement in your house. You can add your personality and style effortlessly with modern pendant lighting from Wilbur Davis Studios. What’s your pendant style?

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