Celebrities with a Really Bad Posture – And What Is a Good Posture?

Why focus on posture, is it really so important? Yes, very much so. This is the healthiest position; a person standing upright is likely to be in a better mood, feel self-assured, not so fearful, and remain stalwart in stressful circumstances.

The right stature is when you stand fully stretched upwards, relaxed, looking ahead, with about 10cm space between your feet.

But, looking at our famous ones, models, and A-listers, you will spot slouchers at once. Katie Holmes doesn’t care if she might develop neck issues, Mischa Barton doesn’t seem to mind his spine, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kirsten Dunst – all of them are exemplary slouchers.

Celebrities are not always considerate of their future. Let’s have a look at some examples:

Emma Watson

When we see Watson on the red carpet it is frequently with a slight twist to her neck, a sort of an incipient hunch, and the habit to look over her shoulder. The pose is professional, but she seems to emply it too often, and you can’t say it does credit to her.

It will resist rectifying with age, and strain will be accumulating in her neck and the upper part oft he body.

Kim Kardashian

Kim is definitely hell-bent on protruding her behind on every occasion, suitable or otherwise.

The pose when you make sure your bottom sticks out as far as it can possibly go may look fetching to the followers, but it is actually very unhealthy. When you arch your spine like this, you won’t be able to maintain the pose for long, it will be getting painful in a matter of seconds.
Should Kim strike the pose more than once a day for seconds on end, she may strain her lumbar spine into aching.

The best way is to stand so that the upper part of the back is kept aligned with the lower part. Twisting the right pose won’t make the behind bigger – it will just show that you are concerned over its size, and do you really need that?

Victoria Beckham

Beckham means to have her legs noticed and crosses them when she believes it is to her advantage. It would be fine if it weren’t for her extreme stiletto heels that are pure hell for ankles. When you sport high heels, you should press evenly on both legs and avoid putting more weight on one leg.
On the other hand, women with a good posture and a good alignment of ankle muscles can bear an uneven distribution of weight on their legs for a while. If you have a huge experience walking and sitting in heels, you can be good at it – and Beckham must be one of the heel wizards.

What to do to ensure rectified posture

As you make up your mind to alter your posture, you will start with an uneasy feeling, and it will take some practice to make it your customary moving and standing manner. Here is how:

  1. Shoulder blades should be held back. Flex shoulder blades as well as shoulders back and closer to each other. Make as if you tried to hold a fruit between your shoulder blades, and it mustn’t dropdown.
  2. Keep your head aligned with the shoulders. Once you have flexed the shoulder blades well back, it will occur by itself.
  3. Make your stomach flatter. Pull your navel in and try to get it to travel a little up along the spine. Make it as close tot he spine as you can.
  4. Try to achieve a better balance. Invest in a balance ball and see what exercises you can do with it – leg and arm extensions, back extensions, crunches, planks, wall squats, to name but a few. They will do wonders for your abdominal muscles as well as involve the entire body and shape your figure. Actually, all exercises where you rely on balance will strengthen the muscles that provide healthy posture.
  5. Stay with your ambition. Once you have resolved to adjust your body and see to it that you maintain proper alignment, keep it in mind constantly, and it will be doing you a service even when you miss out on your exercises. But if you don’t, you will be increasing your flexibility and strength and moving fast towards gaining a perfect stance. About half an hour exercising two days a week will ensure quick and evident results. What’s more, you don’t have to make them very strenuous, you can stay in your comfort zone and still get improvement.
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