Hello Kitty Carry-about Accessories by Judith Leiber

Hello Kitty is a prominent feature on Judith Leiber’s new accessory set that is adorned with various multicolored crystals (Austrian and silver crystals among them).

Hello Kitty accessory set by Judith Leiber

The items are the Red Bow Hobo Bag, worth $3,995, Pink Tulip ($2,995), silver-crystaled Retro Kitty ($2,595), a small purse mirror ($495) and a pink keychain ($295). All complete with bows and utterly cute!

Hello Kitty accessory set by Judith Leiber

Hello Kitty, Pink Tulip

Hello Kitty, Retro Kitty

Hello Kitty, Purse Mirror

Hello Kitty, Pink keychain

Source of the image: Handbags800.

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