7 Things to Consider When Selecting a Perfect Handbag

Men often “compete” with each other while buying cars, watches and expensive equipment, but women have their own status markers and materialized dreams. Of course, we are talking about bags because they often play the role of both the object of adoration, the main gem in the wardrobe collection, and the central element of a stylish image.

This halo of desirability and unattainability has a side effect: the price of a mistake is quite high because good bags cost a lot. We will tell you below how to invest wisely and choose a model that will serve you faithfully for many years. All that is required is to follow seven simple but important rules.

Give preference to a modern base

Stylists have an unspoken rule: the more laconic and simpler a bag is in shape, the easier it will fit into your images and the longer it will remain modern, despite the changeable nature of fashion. However, do not forget that even basic models tend to lose relevance over time.

Of course, vintage 2.55 Chanel or Birkin by Hermes look fresh today, but such models are the exception to the rule rather than the norm. Do not try to keep up with fashion. Try to pay at least a little attention to it – you need to thank the accessory and let it go when it’s time.

Focus on color

It’s a common misconception that black is the most versatile color. But think about how often black things look spectacular? Are they memorable? Do you want to consider them? The task of a properly selected bag is not only to harmoniously complement the outfit, but also to make it special. That is why we recommend taking a closer look at color models.

An ideal situation is if you know your color and build your wardrobe in your own shades. An elementary analysis of the color palette in the wardrobe will also help you decide on a suitable shade for a new bag.

Don’t forget about body constitution

One of the fundamental principles in stylistics is the principle of harmony, according to which similar things are attracted to one another, and opposites seldom meet. When choosing a bag, you should take into consideration your appearance and the nature of the figure lines.

For example, small bags are suitable for petite girls, while those with curvaceous shapes and mouth-watering curves are more likely to appreciate the benefits of larger bags with softened lines.

Define your style formula

Each item is bought to fit a specific wardrobe – only then the investment is truly justified, and the new thing will work 100%, working off every cent spent on it. In other words, the perfect basic bag is the one that will make friends with other clothes you have.

Bags with a rigid frame, which perfectly complement the wardrobe of a business woman, are not quite appropriate in the outfit of a creative nature, and there is no place for bohemian suede models in glamorous looks.

Don’t overuse the decor

Models with a laconic cut or shapes that do not have an active decor are considered basic. The secret is simple: their style is neutral and does not cause difficulties in terms of compatibility. If in doubt, repeat the fashion mantra: the less decor, the better!

Define a purchase budget

Despite the fact that bags are among the most expensive purchases, the measure is important in everything. As you know, everyone has their own budget. Try to determine how much you are ready to spend on a bag, and look for the best option possible in this price category – worthy copies exist both in the luxury segment and in the mass market.

Even if you are willing to spend a lot of money, never exceed the equivalent of your monthly salary. This is where psychology comes into play: the awareness that you can earn the money for a bag in a month allows you to appreciate it and take care of it. Still, do not blow every dust particle off the bag and do not be afraid to take it out.

Look for less obvious options

However desirable the ultra-fashionable or, on the contrary, the basic classic model is, it is safer to avoid both extremes. The reason is simple: both are too recognizable and replicated. It is highly likely that tomorrow you will meet a girl on the street with exactly the same bag, and your mood will be hopelessly ruined (even if the unexpected replica is a fake or an analogue from the mass market).

Look for unobvious options and young brands – luckily, they appear on the market more and more often in a variety of segments.

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