How to Choose a Cosmetic Lamp?

One of the most important things to take care of as a stylist in your beauty salon is the lighting. Having your salon lit properly will increase your comfort of work, allowing you to achieve better results and satisfy your clients. In addition to regular lamps, cosmetic lamps are often used by stylists to better direct the light and properly light up the face of your client, allowing you to see everything perfectly and increasing your precision. Choosing the proper cosmetic lamp can be difficult, especially for beginner stylists, as there are so many of them available on the market. Noble Lashes wants to help you in that task with this short guide.

Why is a cosmetic lamp important?

Whether you are extending your client’s eyelashes or providing any other treatment, you will require proper lighting to see what you are doing. Choosing a professional, well-made cosmetic lamp will help you in that, allowing you to provide each treatment quicker and with more accuracy. One of the most popular choices by professional stylists are Glamcor cosmetic lamps, which are not only made with the highest-quality materials, but their light also does not tire your eyes, allowing you to work longer without feeling exhausted.

Glamcor cosmetic lamps – an eco-friendly solution

The consciousness of eco-friendly solutions in the cosmetic industry is rising, as clients and stylists alike expect products created from biodegradable ingredients and energy-saving solutions in tools and accessories. Cosmetic lamps by Glamcor are not only some of the highest-quality lamps available on the market, but they are also contributing to our environment. The lamps utilize revolutionary LED lights, which use up to 90% less energy than traditional lamps while providing the same amount of light. Moreover, Glamcor LED lights work for up to 50 thousand hours, and no hazardous metals such as mercury have been used in the production of the lamps.

Glamcor cosmetic lamps are also a perfect solution for door-to-door mobile stylists, who need to take all of their supplies with them on every visit. The Glamcor light weighs less than 2 kilograms and does not contain any moving elements or glass parts. The lamp is durable, light, and does not heat up, allowing it to be packed right after turning it off, without having to wait for it to cool down. Get your own Glamcor light today at Noble Lashes!

Premium cosmetic tools and accessories at Noble Lashes

Noble Lashes is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cosmetic products, including not only cosmetic lamps but also a wide variety of tools and accessories for stylists to use during eyelash extension treatments. Our offer features a wide variety of eyelash extension types, along with a selection of premium eyelash adhesives, cleaners, primers, removers, and more. We also offer starting kits for beginner stylists, as well as training courses with professional instructors. Visit today and see for yourself!

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