Melania Trump’s Fashion Style Secrets

You are free to treat Donald Trump however you like, but one thing is certain: the style of his wife Melania is simply impeccable!

It’s high time fashion experts studied the style of monarchs and presidents. If the wardrobe rules of Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth have long been known, things are not very clear with ladies overseas.

Everyone, without exception, is watching Melania Trump’s style. This is not surprising: her evolution in clothing is visible at first glance: from glamorous outfits to understated colors and classic silhouettes. Back in the early 2000s, when Melania just started dating the would-be President of the United States, she said that if she became the first lady… she would resemble Jacqueline Kennedy. Some details of their images do match!


The basis of Melania Trump’s wardrobe is monochrome colors, among which preference is given to black, white, beige, blue, green and red – as the most solemn one.

We have to admit that color combinations are far from being the strong point of the former model, so she chooses monochrome images. And she is right: the risk of making a fashion mistake is minimized.


Melania Trump’s Lady-Like is a modern take on Jacqueline Kennedy’s style without any hint of glamor, nudity, mini, or provocation. The style of the first lady is minimalist classic with an accent on the shoulder line and below the knee length. There are no oversized cuts or asymmetry: suits are always perfectly fitting, and dresses emphasize the grace of Melania Trump’s figure.

Of course, cashmere and silk fabrics are absolute favorites in her wardrobe.

Comfortable shoes

A model in the past, Melania knows that stiletto heels and high heels stretch the silhouette and look ultra-sexy in any look. However, she is not going to wear uncomfortable shoes day and night and boldly chooses ballet flats. There is another explanation for the love of flat shoes: such models allow Melania, whose height is 180 centimeters, to look smaller and more graceful. Her favorites include the legendary Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Classic prints

Melania cannot afford to choose prints freely. As mentioned above, the basis of her wardrobe is monochrome combinations, the selection of which leaves no room for mistakes. Even if she chooses an outfit with a pattern, she again prefers classic prints – striped, checkered or polka dot dresses. As they say, adherence to tradition is the most important thing.

Hair and makeup

Melania knows that even a perfectly created look will be incomplete without the appropriate hairstyle and makeup. In any situation, the first lady’s hairstyle looks perfect, and her colorists deserve universal acclaim. None of the photographs features Melania with disheveled hair, stray strands, or overgrown roots that bring casualness to any look (even the wind blows the first lady’s hair especially skillfully).

Styling, by the way, has a political connotation: many believe that the curls and the side parting symbolize stability, which is the personification of Lady Trump. The same applies to the makeup: pastel shades, laconic blue eyes, and highlighted cheekbones are extremely simple tricks, but this simplicity is the secret of elegance and sophistication.