Latest Beauty Trend: Straight Brow Frame

Celebrities seem to have taken rulers in their hands to draw lines parallel to the eyes. What’s the point of the new straight brow trend?

While some celebs are “lucky” with their original brows, others straighten the eyebrow arches as they can: drawing them with an eye pencil, rearranging them with the help of gel, transplanting hairs from the head and even shaving off part of their native eyebrows.

However, it is believed that some girls turn to beauticians and surgeons to achieve the desired effect. We remind you: such procedures should be performed only after consultation with a specialist.

With the help of threads, you can achieve a “lynx look” and change the shape of the eyebrows. This is a seamless technique, during which threads with special notches are inserted under the skin at the outer corner of the eye, raising it along with the tip of the eyebrow. This is how you can get the straight eyebrow frame.

Why are all these sacrifices needed? If to believe international makeup artists, they assure that such a technique makes the woman visually younger and more elegant and also helps feminists once again express their position. We used to think that straight eyebrows were characteristic of men, but now the boundaries of sexes have blurred even a little more, and the representatives of both sexes can have straight brows.

By the way, not only the main beauties of Hollywood but also Korean bloggers are in love with a straight brow frame. Would you like to try this new trend?

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